Post some drum 'n' bass


enjoying this crypticz spacey ep while reading this old article about the autonomic style




Main stream or not. I love the shit out of this track (and most of the Home album tbh).

I often wonder if many people see the irony and relevance of black youngsters riding horse back through a town! John Wayne has a lot to answer for!!!


really digging that 3d track


Yeah, me too! Love these “meows.” They’re super funny. :smiley:




I can carry on forever:P



Love me sum classical Tech Itch!

Still have the vinyl of this somewhere :smiley:


[Edit 3] It’s out since yesterday yay:



New Hospital stuff:


new dgohn will be out on Astrophonica. It sounds like the more IDM side of dgohn and that’s delightful


Def IDMish, partly also sounds very oldschool jungle, but some interesting takes on all those classic breaks!




Good to see this forum still rollling and like the only place that could help me. Ok guys, I know there were DnB tunes with a specific type of bass and I’m desperately looking for them since New Years Eve and finally decided to give it a shot here. This thread has none of any close examples apart from:

I’m looking for something like the very first 0:00 of this whatever tutorial but less highs on it, I know the bass was darker.

I tried anything from UK Garage, UK Bassline circa 2007 but can’t find any examples. I seen a guy doing it on a producers group on FB, I posted a comment and the post got deleted so there’s no trace of a clear example. Any help please lads?


Not sure what you are looking for exactly, like, ALL tracks that have a similar bassline?
These have some similar sounds imho:

Apart from that, I know sounds like that got a lot of use but I can’t really think of specific tracks rn…