Post some drum 'n' bass






very late, but i agree. you never know what youll gt with noisia. sometimes they release an absolute gem, then other times they release, well, pop.

i guess we know exactly what we will get now. nothing :frowning:


please do!!! thats some seriously staple shit to me.


somehow I lost this posted track, thanks @parricide for reminding me. fuckin’ slayer hours


tech itch (technical itch back then) created a lot of the DnB that really pulled me into the scene. it was a dark and hard ride to where i am now. he will always have a special place in my heart! <3
i am very close to having my turntables out again for the first time in years. when i get them out i might start with “red box”. i think thats the earliest track ive got from technical itch. still a great track BTW! but maybe not fast and hard enough for my current tastes.

that other stuff @Cray23 was posting was also very staple stuff for me too. thanks Cray! <3


Tech Itch was some proper dark stuff for sure. I was a big fan when I listened to more DnB.

Finally found this for the Hardware Thread, but thought I’d cross post it here. Saw this guy live at some dusty old pub in Detroit during a DEMF afterparty. Did well over an hour of live, original Jungle on just one MPC.


DAMN! i would love to be able to do that :slight_smile: guess i better start practicing soon! imagine the wrist ache after an hour set!
im going to keep an eye on him. thanks for the heads up



Ahhh mpcs are so fucking awesome.

I feel like a pleb with midi controllers



i feel like a pleb with my lack of skill and talent :joy:



seeing this thread back up made me go for a tour of my usual dnb sources

nice use of the electric guitar on that first track. Loving the analog sounds. The second track is awesome in its structure, which is rare in most dnb



Also, here is some newish liquid stuff:


I guess this goes here even though Beatwife is really IDM legend. super chops super craft


Love this!


Just came across this track.

I’m not sure if I like. But I think I do.

I mean, it’s fucking nuts - proper geary and heavy.

Sounds like they’ve taken some vocal tracks out of pop songs, and the way it’s been recontextualised is kind of weird, but I think I like it…


So whats up with the whole “VIP” mix thing in the DnB scene?