Pictures of your setup


I liked my minimal setup a lot better personally. I’d go back to it (MS20 Mini, A4 Moog M32). Also really digging on just the TR8S as a sketch pad. It’d be rad if it were drag on drop for samples, but it is still fast with the SD card. Make sounds or get sounds of the computer and onto the TR8S and start sketching out a track, record to DAW, go from there, maybe record a live jam to get an idea of structure/pacing.

I could probably even do w/o the A4, I felt like I never used any of its coolest features most of the time.


My current thought process is

Tr8s & DSI Tempest as main jam
Modular as odd noise source
MPC Live to record & fingerdrum


I like it. You were the one saying you use the Tempest more as a groovebox synth than a drum machine right? Although I feel like Ive heard that from more than one person.


Yes that right, I think the tempest is justa great all round noise box, I dont really think of it as a drum machine spcifically.


I’d second that. It also makes a wicked nice BassLine synth. Detuned saw, Reese, that kind of stuff.


You had/have a YouTube video from a session with it and I think some Elektron gear, that still around? I forget the account.

Edit - May have been steeboo


Ah, cool, my mistake. It’s a really cool chorus, not sure if it related to the Juno chorus or completely different.


Ive had evry bit of eelktron gear over the years, the only things that reamin is an analog 4 mk1 and a digitone, the rest went over time.


The iOS version is pretty nice. But I only played the real thing a couple times at a friends who had pretty trash monitors and room. So lol the iOS sounds way better under my current conditions. They really did clearly work hard on some of the nice aspects like the way it reacts a bit chaotic when you repatch back in from external. Thats one of the distinctive things I remember.


I think Ill probably end up trying it. If it is even half way there the price is right. Also the fact it comes with its own sequencer is a nice add on. I think a lot of iPad apps are great but never got down w the multiple app work flow.

If you ever get to play a real MS20 or the remake again…be careful as you might fall in love.


PICTURES of your setup :wink:



home setup

rehearsal place


Heres my little cluttered space tonight,

I bought the virus c from Turnkey in about 2003/4 and only ever made one track with it,
I felt it was too trancey sounding, however in last month I fired it up (had to replace internal battery) and started recording it into the 4-track and making ambient like soundscapes/soundtracks with it, 16 years later I’m finally in love with it


Totally cured aye? Seems you have an entire wall of euro stuffs. I hope so, sir.


Yes i was addicted big time, but i have no desire to buy anymore.

The set of drawers the eurorack is sat on is full of components, PCBs and Panels.


That’s crazy. Do you have some session audio from those units? I’d love to hear some patching going on.


The first day i unboxed qu-bit chord and finished building a NI braids, patched them up with a bit of random and this happened.


That’s awesome!:ghost:


This has been my main setup for a while now (with some more stuff such as additional controllers, mics and some old instruments when needed), simple and flexible: