Pictures of your setup


Let’s open this with a picture of my current setup:

I finally remembered I can use the iConnectivity Midi to control my CraftSynth from the MPC Live, auto sampling hereI come!



At least as relevant here. I also play guitar, bass, sing and have lots of other setup for that. But this is my main electronic making setup.

Dont seem to have a pic of my other synths…Sub Phatty and Monologue. But ya this is what I usually use.


Uuuuh… a dick measuring thread…


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Have you seen Jazzyspoon’s setup?


Super digital / crap setup


Playing with this for a while.


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just have a little look. nobody has to know.


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The moment I came in here and saw this thread was more dick talk than actually studio pix I knew IDMf was immortal…