Pictures of your setup



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No 303? Setup is shite.


Hell there are no synths at all lol. I have a fair few acid tracks I’ve been mixing recently though : ) <3


this is why im too shy to get my dick out :smiley:




Dawless looping setup. Modal Skulpt, microgranny, MXR delay / verb, TC looper. Tascam 414 handles recording / mixing duties. Just fired it up for the first time this evening. Bye bye gaming laptop. Looking to make short ambient interlude type things over winter.


Are those amps yours? Is that what you are micing up into your hardware recording chains? How’s it for recording those huge cabs?
I’ve been doing pretty well with irs and load boxes, I think I would be hard pressed to mic up a huge stack like that.
Call it an engineering shortcoming on my part I guess.


Lovin’ the pics guys, so much gear porn :slight_smile:


Yeah, those are my amps. I like to record with mic’s when I can, but volume can be an issue at time’s. I also have a Two Notes Captor for recording direct.


Yeah…I’m jealous of all the fancy rigs… especially Liquid Air! I have some gear on my New Year’s Resolution list so stay tuned for future posts.

But for now here is a whip around in my old school studio… heavy on instruments, minimal gear and just enough software to get some work done.

And then there is the noisemaker table

The fourth wall is a fully stocked bar with three bar stools and two Didgeridoos standing in the corner. (I’ll leave that to the imagination for now) Tell the truth… now who is jealous?


That’s a pretty neat setup, mate!

And where’s the picture of your 4th wall?!


It’s nice seeing all of your workspaces.


I think you accidentally got yourself in there. Prolly should post in the Vlantis vanity/Recent Selfie thread :smile:


Mo cables!
Modular rack soon to be significantly expanded. Because of knobs and buttons. And mo’ cables.


Alright, someone has to stick it to liquidair…here goes: