Pictures of your setup


yep… stepped right in it…


Only last night I was wringing my hands and muttering about needing “better cable management.”

I had two mic chords, a lap top power chord and usb chord and headphones…

Your rig blows my mind… but I want to try it.


I don’t think my set-up meets the standard of this thread! :slight_smile:


This is a good reminder to never send studio pix without pants on, you never know what could happen

You’d be surprised that some of us think the same about our shit, but it’s actually merrier with ALL the pics


There are no standards only various degrees of GAS.


@Manton: once you have a whole pile of Moogerfoogers just lying in heaps on a shelf, you know you’ve got a problem. I’m running out of room faster than I can free up more space.
I’m looking into wall or ceiling mounts :thinking:

Nice job on the reorganization there, btw! I recently did this myself as things got a tad unergonomic. Your setup looks like a lot of fun.
However: no 303, setup is shite :sunglasses:


4 bass stations!


@liquid_air haha say what you will, but they do get used. Not denying there’s a problem though :wink: We set stuff up and tear it down on a per jam basis. So yeah always re-organizing and creating different atmospheres. No 303, but I think there’s enough to play with there :star_struck:

@jbvdb493 there’s actually 5 pictured, but a 6th one that was purchased after that particular jam/photo was taken. Poly BS2’s will make some crazy soundscapes.



You’re not done yet, right?


Do you have to dawn personal protective equipment when you enter your studio? That’s ALOT of Acid


They call me needle dick, why I don’t know…


Tinfoil hat… all that radiation in there, makes your neck hair stick up.


2 walls my space is wider than it is deep so I cant photograph it all together at the same time. Synth station and Production station. Everything is patched both midi and audio at all times so I can quickly track anything in the room by simply selecting the right channels of IO in my Ableton session.


A few holes to fill, but all have been spoken for and will get filled in here, soon (Clouds, Polivoks VCF from EricaSynth, and a MIDI Clock interface Doepfer 190-4). So all the basic elements for a modular assembled for some extra sound mangling.


It all started with those effing volcas


I just want to get a buuuuunch of kaoss pads and midi cc the frick out of them. One kaoss pad per synth and or drum machine. Ah the lust for gear


Love the easy chair! Need that…


Since you asked…

Yes … that’s two didgeridoos and a stick in the corner.
The fully stocked bar is an integral part of an old school studio.
Jealous yet?


It’s a custom one of a kind…

I bought a chair and ripped the arms off basically, maybe this can be my new business model

Edit: I thought you were talking about my beautiful creation, That easy chair was left in the house when I moved in and weighs an ungodly amount. I sit in it with my eyes closed when I am playing through my tracks, it’s nice… Thank you