Pictures of your setup


Are you friends with these people? Or did you just hire them to exist in your studio and drink all of your fancy wine? I think i’m on to you…


[quote=“Brogner, post:60, topic:21”]
…I sit in it with my eyes closed when I am playing through my tracks, it’s nice… [/quote]

Wish I had that! Oh well… there is a couch in the next room, but the chord to my headphones won’t reach.


That’s my daughter and son-in-law. He’s the drummer on “Underflow” and “First Born-Trip” and future tracks in the pipeline. That’s his trap set on the opposite wall. It’s on more or less permanent loan to the studio.

They like wine… my cocktail of choice is a Mezcal with a beer chaser.



Been working my ass off building this rig. Almost everything is midi controllable via Renoise. Added an Alesis Midiverb 4 to the mix yesterday. I really love this setup.


That’s an impressive rig… I like the cable holder sculpture thingies on top of the monitors. It a gives very “man cave” decorator touch.

I have to ask… is that the old “Vaseline on the lens” trick, to make the pic sexy? Or is that some new fangled photo filter imitation?


Maybe more pizza eating grabbing my phone with those fatty fingers effect?
Nice setup there. Tell us a bit more about the MIDI control.


Thanks man. Those are candelabras from my grandparents. Also crappy image cus my phone camera has a cracked screen and waiting on my carrier to replace my phone. Stuck in insurance limbo right now.


holy shit fuck that is hot!!! Good gawd man!!! Cheers!


So with the midi control. I sequence everything via Renoise routed out from my Motu Midi Express XT. That routes to the Sh01a, MS20, Volca Sampler, Volca FM, Korg ER1, Boss DR-660, Yamaha DJX and the Alesis Midiverb 2. All that is fed into a Alesis Multimix 12FX which gets routed to a M-Audio Fasttrack Pro then fed into Reaper. Next on the buy list is a Waldorf Blofeld and a firewire 8 in interface. Then I also have a few Novation SL midi controllers n stuffs. But yeah, that most of the setup. Only thing not midi controlled is the Crumar DS-2. I have the beginning of a modular setup ready, such as power supply, rails and a case. Just waiting to buy modules till after I get the Blofeld and Interface. Cus that is a sink hole right there I am not quite ready for yet.


Lol… yeah, agree. Modular is a real sinkhole.

It started out innocent enough

…just a few effects, so it started…

… tread carefully!


Moving in to a new (temporary) place this week…a place where i have real studio space to keep things plugged in and a roommate who is encouraging rather than critical of my hobby.
(Aka broke up with gf, hot older coworker wants to give me a place so i dont have to change jobs yet)
It was really discouraging to take over 30min setting everything up, and only when the gf was gone, then putting away before it could be deemed a “mess” or get eaten by an electricity and rubber craving feline. Ill post pics when its all up and playing together.
Korg E2s, Waldorf microQ, Yamaha VL70, Volca Bass, FM and Sample, Keystep, Kaossilator2s, MPD25 drumpads, piezo amp for contact mics for future sampling, and my disgusting frankencomputer.
I actually feel like i can make most of the sounds I want to make here. Ive got a poor mans Virus, an accoustic modeller, fm, analogue bass, and sampling. At this point Im using ableton for creating drumkits, recording audio, and for vst and midi effects, but havent touched a vst synth in 2 months.


Say, Those are some nice pipes…Back OT: This is an older pic but it’s more or less how it is currently setup…


The new kitchen table setup. Love being able to go about chores and taking a fifteen or twenty minute beat making break.


That’s how I got started. Laptop and push on the dinner table.


There certainly seem to be plenty of advocates of Push. I don’t know what version of Ableton Push 2 comes with, but The Akai Fire comes with a pretty fully featured version of FL Studio for just $199. I really think it’ll be a great place to start for a lot of folks.

I say kitchen table setup, this is really my only setup at the moment. Not really feeling too limited in anyway. I’d like a few hardware pieces, but I don’t need them.


That’s how it starts! Don’t give in!



Settled in after a year an some change. I really need a fancy rug.


Yes, something to really tie the room together.


Uploading: IMG_20190109_070147_649.jpg… So I did a thing. Bought a deepmind 6 for an amazing price. My mixer is now full. So what is a guy to do? Bring the whole setup out front and streamline everything.

Got some cool stuff coming soon. Maybe some fancy IDMF related stuff… Hmmmmmm… But yeah getting ready for live streams and such. Oh so excited!!!