Pictures of your setup


Stuff i took with me… (except the speakers)


just need to add some shelves in the doors for all the pedals I also built.


Not my music set up, but the art room I had at my old place in 2017, before moving. I miss it. So many hours spent drawing on my tablet monitor and doing zBrush. Good times. Was such a Zen set up.


Here’s my setup from 1992. You can tell it was 1992 for sure because of the scratches I used deterioration of the picture quality and faded effects nature of the photograph




Going to go with Time Lord based on the photographic evidence. Firstly, nobody has given a fuck about Starcraft since the early 80s, especially enough to have a thick-ass book about it. Also Bass, guitar or otherwise, as we all know has only existed since 2010 with the release of His High Lord Skrillex’s Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. Lastly, that stool bares a striking, almost uncanny, similarity to the one in this photograph.

It’s pretty irrefutable that the picture is indeed from 1992 due to the scratches, but the anachronistic nature of the items suggest a fluid time stream. Thusly, it’s obvious to anyone who studies these things through an academic lens that the poster is collecting artifacts from throughout history to fuel his dope beats.


Looks like we have similar art work taste from what I can see.


When 2 audio students move in together…


Since all of my posts of this on the former site are gone, I’ll reup a few of them. the last one is the most recent. I have had to move the studio around a lot over the years. From place to place, room to room. Relearning a room’s acoustics for mixing takes about 6 months.

1995 OG room






Forgot a couple, but can’t seem to edit the original…




Hey,i remember those! hi jazzy!


looking reeeeeeeel noice !


It’s really need to see the progression of studio and equipment not to mention the improvements in camera quality from '95 to now :wink:


I like the 2007 version… having a Bar in the studio is right up there with having monitors.

Nice touch! :beers::clinking_glasses::cup_with_straw::baby_bottle::wine_glass::cocktail:


Most of my other stuff is just in my computer, unless you really wanna see a picture of a JP-8000.


Hey there,

fun setup you have going.

Just a few questions/ideals for you students there, from a old dude if yuh don’t mind?

DO you guys not worry about standing waves? Are monitors positioned the way they are to combat boundary effect?

Also curious as to if you both understand how waves react to parallel surfaces?

And as a final question… what audio school are you attending?

Thanks in advance…


I worry about standing waves. Had the luxury of building my basement studio so it has dimensions calculated as best to ‘golden mean’ as I could.

Have quadratic diffusers at mix position, large mid diffusers to break up distant walls, and bass traps.


all of you should seriously check out @Jazzyspoon 's music though…


Hey man,

tbh we havent thought about the effects haha, ive always been aware that the positioning of our set up is not ideal but we’re pretty tight for space and this just seemed to make the most sense. I do all my mixing on my Beyerdynamics anyways. Any quick remedies that youd recommend?

Also we are at Glasgow Caledonian University, studying audio systems engineering!


@XiTau -

Hey bud,
No worries.

I worked as a Acoustic Noise Anaylst for a few years with FoamOrders.Com, created prototypes, patented a few “traps”/acoustic solutions, and designed the websites “Noise Control Section”. So I don’t claim to know anything, but am willing to help.

If you have the option flush mounting is the best consideration for speaker placement. The thing that concerns me instantly when I look at your setup is the amount of wave cancelation that must be occurring between the distance of the rooms boundaries and speakers.

Flip the desk around and if that wall behind the chair is the shortest in the room, YOU WIN! Genelec recommends about 2" from the wall or your “mounted diffuser”, checking your speakers manuals specs should provide recommended distance.

Now different rooms, and different people will have varying opinions. Some will say go with the front wall, it’s all from the listening positions perspective. But you gotta get your monitors closer to the rooms boundaries.

hope this helps.

Good on you getting your studies in you Scotts! :beers: Won’t start a side conversation on such, but that brings a warm smile to this old dudes face!