Pictures of your setup



It typically takes me 6 months for me to ‘learn’ mixing properly in a specific room. As you can see, I have been in a different room just about every year for the last forever. Once I learn how a room translates, mixes start clearing up and making sense and I worry a little less about it. It looks as if @Xitau is using his speakers more as monitors than mixing devices. Given enough time though, his awkward speaker positioning could eventually be ‘learned’ as well (in my experience). I have listened to his mixes and for the genre they are pretty solid.



Fair play, but what I can’t ask a question?

You’re right his mixes can sound solid, that has nothing to do with science.

Here’s a article that will go into depth as to support why I asked, and tried to help him out.

I won’t go into the holding my cock, and so on with pictures, but I’ve mixed in a few rooms as well. That means nothing when it comes to the science behind how to setup a listening environment. Wether it is for monitoring or mixing, but yeah hey I digress…


Good stuff man. Did you happen to treat the floor, or what surface was your basements floor beforehand?


Just gave an opinion, no need to get flustered. :slight_smile: Of course you can ask a question.


Lmao, as did I. :laughing: I felt you came at me wrong… all good.


I initially had a large rug but it was actually too dead. Took that out and have extremely subtle reverb for drums.


Here’s my current setup. Trying to have everything within arms reach while I’m jamming. The tunes get tracked into Cubase with the Yamaha MG10xu, arranged and fx / eq / etc…added afterwards. Elektron Digitone with Midi Solutions Quadra Thru acts as a brain for sequencing the other synths and keeping everything in sync. Alesis Quadraverb hidden underneath the laptop to use as a send effect when needing that grainy, digital reverb dirt.

Also my first post since re-registering on IDMF , used to lurk on here a long time ago. Glad to be here!


Other area in my bedroom studio


Realize I only put a pic of my iPadalboard. Here is the rest of the room. Still forgetting to take a pic of the synth rack and the quadratic diffusers. But the latter are just like these:
Mounted by the mix position.

This room was built with sound absorbing insulation in the walls, two layers of QuietRock sheet rock and Green Glue in between them on all the rest-of-the-house facing walls. It is a basement with dirt on the outside to begin with. It is a nice quiet space. Would love to have a bigger room, but I live in a major metro area, super luxury to have even this considering.

w/ Monitor Lizard

I have actually removed the movable panels. Gray at right. They just didn’t add that much. The wall mounted ones (green?* and black) do make a big difference. Did tests with just a snare drum a close and far mic. The difference is a reverb that sounds like a very short delay versus a more complex but smoother fall off. All a fraction of a sec mind you. Favorite test has been a violin from close, far. Far mic there actually has a final mix level of subtle reverb. “Bass traps” aren’t to any real mathematical spec, I was just trying to deaden the lows a little back there plus make stands for the speakers. They’re make a small beneficial effect and were super cheap.

Vocal or acoustic booth. Upgraded with a tablet for lyrics since then.

*Don’t see colors perfectly.


Nice setups man! And nice Tycho print. He’s a favorite of mine, fantastic. and welcome back!


current board

gonna trade the dark matter for a sub’n’up and the muff for an EQD acapulco gold


this is the jam spot/studio space.

band shit is going well


Can’t tell if tiny drums, giant furniture, or forced perspective. :dizzy_face:


just perspective. theyh’re normal sized drums.

also about to go upgrade my pedalboard lmao


pedalboard photo got obsolete real fast
just missing 2 patch cables I’m gonna snag from the jam spot at rehearsal tomorrow
the acapulco sounds fucking disgusting i love it


Chonky house beats takin over the craft table…



What is the box right in front of the monitor??? (sexy af btw)


Made room for a Techno System.