Pictures of your setup


Hey dood, what kind of tables are you using that can comfortably handle that weight? I bought one of the more expensive desks I could find that didn’t add shelving or an L configuration and it’s still kind of flimsy. Can definitely feel it move when I play hard and this ain’t no $80 X stand for the stage.


The mother ship has landed!


I have Tempest envy.


All curtesy of IKEA. Their office furniture is solid.

The modular rests on an adjustable standing desk:
FlexiSpot M8B Standing Desk - 27"…

Then there are a number of laptop mounts to add another tier. I found this one to be very flexible and useful:
Mount-It! MI-4352LT Laptop…
I’m approaching 8 of them now.

A medium tier level is added using these:
Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand,…

I also added one of these studio desks:
Studio Trends 46" Desk - Maple
It is a very solid build and I can recommend it.


man, I miss my old set up. Had this a few years ago - was so jam to have my kit/studio comp right there. Need to get back to that.


The next time I get a surplus of $ I think I may buy that Roland. Or finally get some type of Elektron. The Roland looks awesome but ever since I came here I’ve skirted pulling the trigger on even a monomachine even though…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Well, the Monomachine is out of production now, so they might be pricey used? I havne’t looked in forever.

I love, love, love the TR8S because it is simple and immediate and for me much easier to play live. The Digitakt or maybe used RYTM MKI are going to be deeper/more complex for the same or a little more money. Just food for thought.

The way I’ve been working with the TR8S is that I’ll have it hooked up to my DAW and get a solid beat and bassline going–usually I dump a C3 bass note sample from Repro or Serum into the TR8S and sequence it from there. Then start building up the percussion and other samples to get the idea for the song. Then I’m recording the patterns back into my DAW and finishing the track (havne’t gotten much to this stage yet with anything though lol).


Yea, wasn’t even thinking about the “you can’t find me anymore, retail” side of it. I like buying new so it would more than likely be a current production item. But the TR8S looks neat, I did some youtubing of it the other day and liked what I saw/heard. Whether or not it became a focal point on the workflow, something like it would be neat to hands on fool around with.

Speaking of which, I need to do some more stuff with my DFAM. Actually going to try to rip out a previous session from my hard drive for a track for the date night thing. Haven’t turned it on in a bit itself though.

Glad you’re finding at least some fun in the out of the box stuff again. I know you sold all or most of your previous synth stuff.


Nice Tycho poster!


Roland MX-1 Mix performer. Love the Aira series but went with the Boss RC505 over the TR8S so I could load up and slice/effect up drums on the fly as well as loop record instruments.

My next purchases will be the Moog Mother 32 and Drummer From Another Mother in a bundle with the rack mounts





Nice! Fancy modular. Loving it.


Finally! That DevilFish was an itch I wanted to scratch for a very long time!!


Just need a few more 303s !


drools over everyones modular setups

jesus fuck, guys. <3


I know the feeling!
its why i got vcv,even bought some modules!
very addictive,i get lost for hours.


The only thing that has ever interested me about modular is making my own crazy FX unit.


I have a G Force digital version of Imposcar… it can keep me up all night with my hair on fire :fire:

So jealous of the hardware in this post. My (1room) studio has an annex that we call “The Green Room.” It’s where I recently set up my old reel to reel with an AM/FM radio that I use for an amp… Cheepo monitors and a 1in/1out Behringer mixer with a spare set of head phones.

A little organizing and I could make room for some modular stuff… when I get some time… yeah right… that’s what I need is more time… so I can be up all night with my hair on fire :fire:

And maybe The Green Room could have its own Instagram account… yeah … that’s right… need more time…:thinking: