Pictures of your setup


After 7 years of using Eurorack I can finally say I’m cured, I can look at my rack from the other side of the room now and just see another complete instrument, I have no desire whatsoever to buy another module, infact I don’t even bother looking at the new releases anymore, totally cured.




Me too. But it’s mostly because I’ve run out of room.

Unless I start building shelves into the wall, I’m not getting any more space and I have worked really hard in the past 3 weeks to get my space to a point it encourages me to be productive (color matching all the furniture, new desk, sold Maschine and a few other things, etc). Shelved would ruin my setup.

Not the latest but here’s some of the modular.


Super nice !!! What is that beautiful module in the first picture on the bottom left? The one with all the copper bits?



It’s a Folktek Conduit.

Here’s a litte demo I made a while back:


lovely demo Cadmium, I’ve had my finger on the trigger of a few Folktek modules but never quite squeezed enough.


JESUS WEPT!..i hate you guys!…really…bah.


I’m an addict


I 100% miss the MS 20 mini every time I see one.


It’s a lovely synth. The oscillators have a really unique sound, kinda hard and plasticy. Filters are nuts. It’s super reliable too. Haven’t needed to have it serviced in the 15 years I’ve owned it, which I can’t say about any other vintage gear I’ve owned.


I didn’t own an original, but would love to have a remake back again. People claim Id be satisfied with the iOS version but I have my doubts.

It is one of the only synths I ever owned that from patch one on felt truly unique in its sounds.


From the little I’ve played with the remakes at a store, it sounded close enough that I wouldn’t care about the differences. I kinda wanted to snag on of the kits for the new one because they added pwm, sync, and fm points, then add it on top of my original for an ultra fat ms frankenbeast


Yea. The hardware remake was glorious :). I dunno… I might give the iOS app a go on payday since I cant have a hardware one right now.

Was thinking of getting a Novation Mono Station next fall but might have to get an MS20 and like a Beat Step…


Not gonna say, I told you so, but…


Hahaha. That’s fair. Really fair.


Serious RE-301 envy here. The king of tape echo. Dang it, I do want one.

Elektron fanboi as well, I see.


The old RM1x is awesome for sequencing the MS, because of it’s MIDI delay. Does some really good acid that way.


It’s a 501 actually! The only Space Echo with a chorus. Amazing spring verb, and the delay is audio fairy dust. Everything you put through it sounds better.


Nice! The 301 does have chorus as well.

I’m making do with a modern variant right now:


So many lovely setups. Im trying to minimise to just a few bits of gear… its tough…