Pictures of your setup


Basically I am done in terms of setup.
I might get a better desk down the road and a bass, but for the most part my setup is as good as I want it!


Tidy setup. I dig it. YMMV but I ultimately never got anything done w my biggest setup. Those white monitors are sexy too.

Still trying to figure out how to have space for my TR8S, laptop, iPad, CDJs and DJ mixer all on my one six foot table. Takes up more room than I thought. Just needs rearranged and some cable management. Might need to dig out my monitor stands as well.


My setup for this week.
I must say, never would have thought an ocean cruise was my thing. But then I heard they have babysitting. Me and Mrs. Multicellular are just finding quiet spots on the ship and making iPad music/reading. It is quite a slow pace contrast from our usual big city lives.

Gear. iPad, Korg Gadget, Shure earbuds.


Looks like a Carnival ship. Wouldn’t happen to be the Valor would it?


Nope. Pride.


That’s amazing. Very zen. I get Tycho vibes from it. What part of the globe is that?


In the Bahamas.


Oh awesome. I love the Bahamas. Gonna visit Nassau? There’s some killer restaurants there.


Yes. Where do you recommend?


Pirate Republic Brewing is a nice craft brewery with some good food. Quite enjoyed that one. Dali Modernistic is good if you like Tapas, and otherwise Exagon is good hybrid american food, bit of a small place but very good.

Nassau rules! I wanna go back. Enjoy your trip. :slight_smile: They have a really fucking cool Zoo on that island too if you ever get a chance to check it out.

edit had to look it up but it’s called Ardastra Gardens - Fantastic zoo, really awesome stroll. Was a highlight of my trip last time I was there.


Thanks dude.
Yeah, I’ve streamlined a lot too.
Those 2 controllers work really well for me. The keyboard is awesome and the transport stuff works in my DAW. And the softube thing works with both the UA gear as well as in the DAW real well.
The guitar gear is likely overkill but it’s setup in such a way that it’s all setup, I just pick which track to record.
I would like a hardware synth maybe down the road, or to get my MPC back out. And a bass guitar.
But for now I’m good.

Re space, those modified rast night stands from ikea worked out great for me. Check them out, you might be able to organize them for your laptop and speakers as well.


I will check those out.


Super nice set up, your compact strings set up looks awesome. I bet you can pretty much make whatever you want out of that - really dope.

+2 on the sexy white monitors!!


Sweet looking setup! I love that everything is close at hand and not cluttered.

Do you find any issues with stereo separation having your monitors that close together?


Yeah it’s probably not ideal.
But I am also in a corner of a large basement room, shared with my wife’s home office. And it echoes quite a bit. So I’m not sure stereo image is my worst concern.


lol sounds like it. Shoehorning this shit into a house is always a compromise. Any chance she’d let you ‘decorate’ with some room treatment? :smiley:


Meh, the plan is to move soonish (next 2 years at the latest) and have my own space then.
Hopefully monetize that somehow too, down the road.


Pretty modular IMO, some might disagree


Alright, Ill be “that guy” but totally serious…what is with the baker’s dozen computers? What is the workflow there???


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