Pictures of your setup


Might be “linked”, works even for other DAWs:


Ableton link seems pretty cool, I’ve only read about in the context of iOS being linked to a proper computer.


other side of the room


See the purple on those monitors? Spectragrams of DOPE BEATS.


clearly a mixing session, you can see that one screen with a bunch of docked windows that look like some virtual mixing bundle. Guys standing there doing some deep listen on entire mix and telling other dudes to boost mids.


I figured that was Scott Stapp and entourage, come to down some ice cold brews while listening to the latest mix.


Me and the Wife are finally speaking again, she has told me if i buy anymore gear she’s leaving.

So ill just be posting old gear shots from now on.


Here’s a few from my huge man cave of 4 square meters!


What’s that sea foam green strat? Looks cool!


Not a guitar guy, but that seafoam one is sexy af.


I’ve asked myself this question many times and I still don’t have a good answer


@relic & @jbvdb493: Thanks! It’s a project that has been going on for 15 years. I bought it from a music teacher in school for 1000 SEK (about $100) and started modding it. It sounded like shit but it’s extremely easy to play and lightweight compared to the ESP hanging next to it.

So I scrapped the three singlecoil mics. We played skatepunk, so I painted it in surf blue, or whatever the color was called (doesn’t look too good close up), made my own custom pickguard and changed the mics. I can’t remember what kind of Seymour Duncan they are, but the bridge one is for the fast paced parts, sounds hard and sharp. The neck one sound extremely good, deep, full, clear, when used with clean sound. The mic switch is changed to a 3-way, neck-both-bridge, full tone always. The knobs are volume for each mic.

Wow, this became longer than expected. It’s a fun and extremely fast, easy to play live-guitar custom made for punk rock! And of course the knobs goes to 11 :wink:


Haha. Right on dude. I have often thought about setting up an old computer to just run a CPU hungry instrument. These days Ive sold off the extra bits and bobs that would make it possible tho.


A custom Techno System nearing completion (Hi-Hats D still en route). I don’t like Toms, and my Engine does just fine sequencing everything the Trigger Riot doesn’t. Mutant Rimshot was a must (Erica… no Rimshot on a Techno System??!) and some MSCL from WMD for added Oomph.


Hey… I have that same stool in my studio… I use it for a Laptop stand

Love how compact your set up is…Jealous that you get to actually sit on your stool…:sunglasses:


Yeah, I like playing guitar on that stool a lot.
I am actually thinking on adding something to the cross bars cuz I sit classical style to play and end up on my tip toes a lot.


Ohhhhh, I feel like you having the Gameboys there means you do some 8-bit sampling into your stuffs. Have you checked out the Pocket Op’s from Teenage Engineering? Those things look pretty neat in the case of gamey type stuffs. Actually even more so with some modular ability on top of them(well some of them).

EDIT - As for me, I think I’m done buying stuff for a long while unless soft synth. Though, once I pay the Digitakt down, I may look for either the Mother32 or the Modal D from Behinger, to add to my semi-modular stuff with the DFAM. Just for shits and giggles more less but I think they’d compliment each other well. Honestly thinking Mother, to keep it in the family but seen some neat things out of the Behinger, as well(at a lower cost).

No photos at the moment because I need to get a smaller keyboard controller and my shit is a wreck…


I love how your upright piano has speakers, It looks so real too!!


Yeah, ofc I’ve heard of the fantastic Pocket Op’s! If you look at the first image, down right, on top of the mpk you can see a pattern of small white buttons in the dark. That’s an PO-33 KO! hiding out in a case :slight_smile: I’ve never used the synths though, but this is a fun toy to use. I’ve used it to sample most things here at the house haha! Can’t figure out how to sync it with ableton though…

I do a bit of chiptuning and bitpoping with the gameboys and lsdj, mostly for fun.


…just spent an hour or so rearranging, I knew I could get it all sorted on the one table, still have room for a laptop stand by the DJ gear as well…wish I had one hardware synth to go with the TR8S, not sure what I would want, would have to be something I could fit into this setup or forget about it…no matter, can’t afford anything until next fall anyhow…super satisfied with this rig though…