Pictures of your setup


Loving that simplified, clean look. Seems like it’ll be really productive for you - everything at arms reach.


Keys or no?
Blofeld desktop is killer. Or with keys, maybe the new minilog xd
Or just get that maschine in closer and use that to play the NI stuff, it’s pretty killer too.
Can the Roland sequence other stuff?


Strictly speaking I don’t need keys, but I do like to have a noodle now and again. New Minilog XD is on the list to check out. Also seriously considering the the Novation Mono Station.

Wow, that really does look like Maschine in this photo–it is actually two NI Traktor Controllers–one of which I will defo be using with the TR8S at some point as it is a loop launcher/one shot player and Traktor specifically is able to sync up with the TR8S.

Unfortunately the 8S doesn’t sequence other gear melodically, though you can set it up to sequence other drum machines.

Depending on what happens financially over the next 12 months, I might just try to make room for a poly analog keyboard, which could easily fit in the studio space on a stand. Though a Behringer Deepmind 12 desktop also fits right into my price range and needs (wants).

Whatever I get absolutely has to be knob per function ish–I know the Blofeld is cool, but I haven’t gotten on with matrix style programming in the past, so would probably pass on it.

At the top left is my iPad interface, above the 8S, I just got GR16 (its basically the new Electribe) and will probably get the iMS-20 soon, also just got the Troublemaker 303 on iOS. Gonna get probably work in getting a BeatStep for the iPad and I’ll be pretty sweet on using that as an “synth” for a while.

Opps, wrote a novel.


Looks like such a cozy and clean station for some beats. Really nice, man.


Now I just have to work on the mess I made outside the frame cleaning up what you can see :rofl:


Can’t go wrong with that. Although there’s some menu diving, it’s really not bad at all, and there are plenty of buttons that take you directly to the correct sub-menu. I’d say the worst is controlling the FX, simply because each one has a ton of parameters and you have 4 of them. Everything else is easily accessible and pretty intuitive.


I’m also seriously considering a DM12. After hearing some of the demos from it I’ve been really impressed. Behringer is really staging the game these days. Crazy affordable for what it does. Thing makes some delicious pads.


Speaking of DeepMind, a bit pricier but novation peak looks good too.


I think everyone can/could use a good poly box. Whether that is software or hardware. Something you don’t need to get too crazy with but helps with layers of your track.

The Deepmind looks pretty neat and the knob per function makes it more interesting to me, definitely. Though, I do have a Blofeld and the huge amount of sounds on it literally makes it useable for anything. And the menu diving isn’t bad. I don’t do any patch building on it though

But mine was bought used and one of the knobs is a bit touchy. That’s the only thing I have to say bad about it. It actually happened shortly after I got it. :frowning: Well worth the money though.


+1 for DM12

The presets are mostly garbage but it’s a great synth.


I droned for three in a field and they loved it…


This is the best photo on IDMf.

This should be an album cover, ahhaha


Im must admit I’m happy with it too, has that KLF thing going on.


most impressive artistic eye sir.well done well done.
now get busy and lets have some sheepish samples.
yes i really said that.


Damn, I wish you had a track or collab on it, because that’d be a great “date night” album art competitor, lol


Busking for wool.


No reason he couldn’t sub the picture. If he wanted to. No? It is a nice one.


I did use the picture for a split second at 0.33 here to advertise a soon to be released EP
But like I mentioned in another thread after a Ableton live update some of the settings plugins changed and I’m finding it difficult to get “that sound” back, so not sure I’ll ever finish it now.


The speakers are real … the upright is real old … 1929 Wurlitzer… no it does not output to the DAW… except via my real microphones. :microphone::sunglasses:


I have the same “tip toe” thing when I play acoustic… sitting on that piano bench in the photo. It rocks and knocks a bit and has a squeak now and then. When it ends on a recording I tell myself it’s “charming.” :sunglasses: