Pictures of your setup


Nice! I wanted to do something like that a few years ago, but I got my first semi-modular and didn’t really get along with it. It still seems like a great idea for a lot of people though.


What semi-modular? I instantly connected with the modular realm for some reason. I will do a full modular rack at some point but not for a few years, that rabbit hole is expensive


I got arguably the king (queen?) of semi modulars with the Moog matriarch. Kind of jumping in at the deep end. I still have it, and I have a behringer K-2 sitting right next to it. And yet I’ve not once connected the two like I thought I would.

For the last year I’ve mostly used the Matriarch as just a normal synth without much patching. 2-3 years ago, I thought I’d add something like an 0-coast and maybe one of the behringer 2600s to be able to mix and match all those different (yet retro) flavors - also, seven oscs into two mixers and three filters. What I actually find is I have trouble keeping track of everything I’m doing inside the Matriarch, let alone getting other synths that do things differently involved in a patch.

EDIT: It’s a great synth, it just turns out patch cables aren’t for me. Love the sound too much to let it go though.



I thought that was the one because of our discussion about it. I think it’s a hell of a sounding synth but I went with the take 5 instead. I would get the moog subsequent 37 at this point before Matriarch.


You enjoying to Take5? I’d hate to hear you avoided the Matriarch because of my story and then ended up unsatisfied somewhere else.


Take 5 is excellent and extremely versatile. I’ve had my eye on the Matriarch since before it launched, something about it sounds wonderful. I spend a lot of time watching videos of the synths I have in my wish list, so I know the sound I’m getting quite well before I get it. My wish list keeps growing but I running out of space lol.

Probably make a splash next year for the moog 37 or some dreadbox shit.


Ohhhh yeah. I feel that problem.


If I were to buy another hardware synth, this would be high on my list.


Oh, you’re back! :smiley::smiley::rofl::grin::grin::grinning: Hello by the way


kinda lol I am super busy at a new job


New here. Hi to everyone. Long time IDM guy here here is mine.


Other side.


Hey man, i know this post is a thousand years old in internet years, but it caught my eye as i looks like you may be in a similar line of work to me. If commercial AV is your field, or was? I program DSPs and tune audio systems. So the picture you posted here is very familiar.


Look mum no computer!


Whats that looper on the left? Ive seen it around but don’t know what its called


Boss RC-505


While I’m here I may as well post a pic of my basic bitch setup, working on @Slimes remix. The setup has scaled down considerably since the last time I posted in this thread :blush: surprisingly I can do a lot with whats here.


That’s the one! Thanks. You like it? Any gotchas, drawbacks?


I just use it pretty basic, no real drawbacks for what I do with it. It runs a little noisy at times in the mixer but not too big of deal. I pretty much load drum patterns into it and run it, it’s made more for beatbox and vocal shit but works well for recording synths on the fly as well and looping them