Pictures of your setup


I used to have a fairly big setup as well. It was a nightmare for me. I do better with just a few pieces. I am cutting back to the Model Samples, Toraiz SP 16, Novation Monostation and iPad. (And my DJ gear)


So some stuff has happened since Jan 26th… Over the summer we had a power outage and when the power came back on the resulting surge blew my Tascam FW1082 (a google search says it was likely some caps that got roasted). Me being me, I jumped on Ebay and had another console at the house within a few days, this one with a proper, OEM Tascam PSU. Welp… We lost power again back in January. This time I remembered to hit the power switch on the console so when power came back all would be good.

All was not good.

Over the next few weeks I noticed the OS complaining that it lost the sound source (it’s in my bedroom and I have music playing 24/7 for ambiance). Kill the message and it worked just fine. About two weeks ago we lost power intermittently ranging from a split second to a few seconds, then last Monday power was out for about 8hrs. After that, the console would literally die. It would stay on for a while but eventually die, shutting off completely. Now I have two dead consoles so I had to fish out my old Tascam US428. Before the second 1082 died, I noticed my submixer acting wonky. It’s an older Behringer Xenyx 2222FX mixer and now the mutes engage at random, the meter doesn’t work half the time, there are channels that simply don’t work and all types of crap happening. None of this was going on before I packed it so we could move across country.

I’m going to pull each piece apart to see what I can do. Hopefully the 1082’s are nothing more than bad caps, I can do that myself. The Behringer I may have to take in for service.


Damn. That suuuucks. I narrowly escaped something similar this past year. Our car who has some dementia peed on a power strip causing a small electrical fire. My SP-16’s power source was plugged into the strip but not the SP16. Also my laptop was fully plugged in. Thankfully the strip did its job and the fuse blew (or w/e) but it melted the strip and the vinyl cover to the chair it was on. Scary shit.



‘Portable’ rig I set up last night cause Im too lazy to take my main PC out of the case while waiting to move


For a second that looked like a cyberdeck. Still looks like a killer portable setup!


Cyberdecks look sweet. Would love to have one


How’s that keyboard? Looks like it would be difficult to get used to.

I personally can’t live without the numkeys on the right, I’m an accountant so I can spend hours at a time over there.


Had a dedicated mix room/space in NC(my home state), but havent gotten that far yet here. (In Idaho). re my music, I genre hop from classic country to folk to indie rock to post rock to electronic (Big Influences are Low, BoC,Plaid,Jim O’Rourke, Wilco, Loose Fur, Songs Ohia/Meco, Slint, John Fahey, Damien Jurado, Gastr Del Sol, Smog, Lambchop, Do Make Say Think, Karate, Tom Waits, Blake Mills, Bert Jansch, Andy Shauf, Grandaddy, many many more)

{{{Crazy story time : I got the JUNO last year while I was in NC (to visit my family for thanksgiving). There is a pawn shop there(Whiteville, NC) that just HAPPENED to be transitioning away from the music business(primarily because they lost their in house musical instrument/musician/luthier/shredder/recording equipment guru, and my dad’s best buddy, Freddy). Anyway, my girlfriend and I were eating at our favorite greasy spoon there, and on a whim, I asked her if we could stop by the Pawn Shop real quick. I grew up there, have been in that store thousands of times… selling, buying, pawning… so when I walked in, instincts kicked in and my eyes went to the back left of the store where all the music /recording stuff usually is. It was pretty bare. A couple of squier guitars, a janky acoustic, a kontakt control surface.and beneath that kontakt thing , a keyboard case. Had to look inside of course. So, Girlfriend picked up the Native Instruments thingy(I have no idea what it was…Maschine???) and I opened the case. I nearly had a stroke when I saw the JUNO. I held my composure though, didnt want to give the game away to the pawn shop guy who was watching me.

“Hey Sir, how much is this old keyboard” HIM- Man, i aint got no idea, its broken, and dont even have no power cord. Lemme check with the boss man real quick"

He comes back. “Houston(the owner/bossman) said you can have it for 275 out the door” I kept my composure but inside im thinking (Jesus christ im committing highway robbery here)

lugged it back here to idaho…tested it. played fine in manual mode, but none of the sound banks were working. started googling “vintage synth repair idaho” (did not expect there to be any qualified folks here )

and what do you know…there is a literal Vintage Synth(especially ROLAND) GENIUS with a shop in Idaho Falls(about 40 minutes from me here in pocatello)

he immediately diagnosed it(just needed a ROM battery , power supply recapping, and deep cleaning. He did it all for 400 bucks even. Super nice dude, and knows electronics, pillar to post. so for a total of 700 bucks all in…i have this amazing music machine. one of the craziest things thats ever happened to me. }}}



so sorry for multiple replies, forum wont let me post multiple pics


It says This image is broken


I can’t see them either for some reason. Maybe try uploading them directly if the originals were hosted elsewhere? Sometimes privacy settings can break links but that’s my only guess


@misterjones313 Cool setup. Very professional


Thanks. It’s a little different right now because I went out and picked up a small Behringer Eurorack UB1202FX mixer to temporarily replace my 2222FX while I work on it (which hasn’t actually started so… yeah). I do really need to crack open the Tascam consoles to get those repaired. Those are really the priority.



Lots of cables


Really good


Sharing because I got the Osmose fully plumbed in. Super6 is kicked off to the right so that I can look down at the Osmose’s screen without having to look under the S6. I like it, but I’m wondering if I can trigger anyone with the assymetry :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry but i liked that photo :smiley:


Just added the ‘Take 5’ to my little project studio


Got a little semi-modular setup on the side going. Will post pics of my whole setup again when I organize things a bit.