Pictures of your setup


It’s going to be a longtime before I get to use this in any depth, wasn’t even sure I really needed it but after a 4 year wait and my name came up on the list I knew I had to buy it


If I waited that long for something, I would probably just have to have it too!


You just got married, right? :rofl:


Touche’ lmao


this sequencer looks beautiful, wow


The current state of my setup…

Moved across country to the new house. I need to go find a desk and chair and I can get it up and running.


From almost nothing to almost something. Got some work left to do, some cables I need are on the way, and I need a new turntable.


Nice! I dig that tidy setup! Looks very useable, everything at hand.


I just got a turntable tonight. I have to figure out some sort of rearrangement because now I don’t have space for my DR660. Maybe just get another folding table and stick the DS330 and MU50 on it off to the side a bit and put the DR on the left side of the console.


Mo’ gear mo’ problems lol

I invested in a nice travel rack case last year so I can leave (most) things wired and put it away when I am not working. Need that for my DJ shit too.


I made a trade recently and while I was initially looking mostly for cash, someone offered me an Iridium, and I took it. Clearly I didn’t consider space or trivial things like that, but I made it fit on my little music desk. I plan on keeping the Torso on my main DAW desk once that comes in (I’ve been eyeing a new Mac to replace my 12 year old Mac Mini…), and I have a Nord G2 Engine, some Midi and audio interfaces, and a few other things in the rack below.

Still need to do some rewiring to get things connected in a more permanent and useable way, and still need to fix my old patchbays, but for now things work well enough. Gotta work on my plant game though, nothing but a dead cactus and one miserable succulent in my office/studio.


It’s a lot of equipment and a lot of money


I’ve been doing this for over 25 years, and while it looks like a lot of money, honestly I’ve been really good about finding deals. The only things I bought new were the Syntakt and Nord Modular G2 Engine, everything else was a discount, trade, B-stock, or used. I’ve sold a few things for profit, especially some older gear, and honestly have been pretty lucky with some deals I’ve found.

Realistically I could probably pare it down, I don’t use the Analog Four and Digitone in songs as much as I’d like, but I really enjoy using them and for me it’s more about fun and inspiration than anything else.


That’s a hell of a electronic music command station there!


Decided to consolidate my rack gear to get rid of my studio desk to make room for a more minimal, standing desk that’ll just be the Mac Studio, Monitor, Mini genelec’s and keyboard/mouse/monitor control.

I also cut my A-Frame down to 39 inches.

Tired of being claustrophobic in here.


Followup. Desk is in sitting mode ATM. Can bump up to standing height but then my monitors are low, I’ll figure something out. I love the minimalism of the station itself.


Definitely looks tidy and efficient.


I was certain that some sort of height adjustable monitor stand existed, like a sit/stand desk with one leg and a small platform on top for the monitors. But upon further inspection I don’t see such a thing anywhere. I think you can buy individual legs and control them from a single box, ie tie them into the desk, and then fabricating a platform is pretty easy. Might not be the prettiest though.


Only solution I’ve seen that doesn’t involve putting them on the desk is using midfield monitors to enlarge the ‘sweet spot’, but that obviously requires a ton of room (and money for the monitors), and even then it’s a bit of a balancing act/trade off.

The real solution would be to build monitor stands with hydraulic pistons tied to the desk movement. Totally DIY-able if you have access to and knowledge of how to use a machine shop, in which case I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know :smile:

Honestly, I think most people just use headphones or learn to live with the inconsistencies.


Yeah, so I had a pretty big studio years ago, multiple keyboards and racks and all that. A few years back I started selling and trading nearly all of it. I originally intended to just use the Octatrack, but trade begat trade and I ended up with a Digitone, then I got a great deal on an Analog Four, then the Syntakt came out…

Anyway, even the Iridium I didn’t intend to keep. I got that in a trade and figured I’d try it and most likely sell it. But I’ve had it a while and there are definitely things about it that bug the hell out of me, but I still really like it. There are just so many modulation options… I may eventually sell it but for now I’m enjoying exploring all the weird stuff it does. Weird Octatrack noises into the live granulator engine was pretty fun…

All this is to say I have way more than I intended to end up with, and I may put a few things on the shelf for a while just to give myself room to breath. I don’t do well with a ton of stuff out and definitely prefer a more focused setup, but I just like all this stuff.