Pictures of your setup


amazing, hell yeah


it’s crazy that people throw a new GPU in these and turn 9020s into gaming rigs 9 years after they were originally made lol


Its rare to find a compressor growing in the wild.
Take notice of the knob positions, thats a killer preset for “techno drum bus squash”


My feng shui was feeling off so I rearranged my project studio space.


Very nice space!!!


My couch potato setup is now up and running. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


@RFJ Might want to see this.

I spent six hours tonight building the new stand (the one the Moog One is on), re-routing and labeling old audio cables, labeling power cables and PSUs (which I didn’t do before), getting all the power and audio cables tied down with velcro straps to the stands, and re-setting levels. Everything is perfect except the Moog One is quiet through the interface for some reason. I’m going to assume that’s some setting I’m missing in the Moog for tonight because I’m plum tired now (and I’m sure it’s not the cables because both channels are equal in volume). If nothing else I can play through the headphone outs, then denoise and boost my recordings in post (which I used to do for the Super6 just fine).

Open shelf below the Super6 will be taken by Osmose whenever that ships, planning on selling the Rev2 and using that space/money either for some FX pedals (though I’d have to buy a lot of cable and I’m all cabled out right now) or possibly another semi-modular like the 0-coast and move the K-2 down there. I also bought extra 3.5mm patch cables so I can take the LFOs and Envelopes from the matrixbrute and send them to matriarch or K-2, though that isn’t wired up yet. Whatever I do, I’m going to wait a few months at least, I’m not well right now and I need to change my medical regimen to fix it. Not sure what that’s going to entail, so kind of need to see how this pans out before I can go blowing more money on synths.

I am also considering adding variable color temperature white LED strips to the bottom of each horizontal tube to light the synth below, but I need to be done with adding new things/rearranging the racks for that to work, since I won’t be able to move the arms around once I have LEDs adhered to the tubes.

Possibly the thing I’m most excited about is for the first time in years I can see the matrixbrute while I program and play it, so that will be fun.


I’ve also go an empty space reserved for Osmose, I wonder how many other empty spaces there are around the world waiting for that thing :joy:


Had a good session tonight however I had to come away as it got too hot in there :sweat_smile:


How do you feel that Moog Matriarch stacks up to your other gear? I’ve had my eye on it since release


You always have the slickest looking setups dude!!


I wish I could spend more time with the Matriarch if I’m being honest. I still find myself patching something and about 20% of the time it doesn’t do what I expect, whether that be due to voice allocation, a normal routing I forgot I was breaking with my patch, etc. I think I bought too much stuff and of all of it I’ve spent the least time on Matriarch, though I am surprised how fast I go places with it when I do get to sit down and use it. So my recommendation would be to sit down and have a read through the manual a couple of times until you think you really get it, then work with some of the patches Moog provides. What I think I need, personally, is to find some patches online that each focus on really exploring one module at a time and go through them.

It sounds good, even cacaphonous messes sound good. Noise through a randomized filter just sounds nice. It just might not all be songworthy, and that’s kind of where I’m stuck right now. I think this is less of an issue if you have less hardware and can focus on this one synth more, or if you just want to use it to explore sound ideas without really caring about output - which is where I’ve ended up. I have a patch that sounds like something straight out of old Tron right now that isn’t going to get used in anything but sure was fun to work on and taught me a thing or two about sequencing the paraphonic 2 voice mode. How much that will come up with my other synths or in my DAW I can’t say, but it’s an idea that I “get” now that I didn’t a few weeks ago. That is worth something for sure, whether or not it’s worth the asking price of the Matriarch, the jury is still out in my case.


My upgraded setup:
M-Audio Oxygen25 Mk V
Novation Launchpad S
M-Audio Air Hub (hiding in the dark left side)
AKG K240 Mk II


My ‘10 days in a hotel for work’ setup


Thanks for the detailed response. I am thinking I will shell out for the Sequential Take 5 when I get the cash!


I don’t make a ton of music at home and don’t have a proper setup so there’s not a ton of point in showing it, but this is my setup at my band’s studio room.

I don’t play the upright a lot because i’m very bad at it, but it plays through the pedals and amp like a charm even without a proper preamp which i don’t have for it yet. the amp has two channels so B is set about half the gain from my fender’s level and i haven’t had to worry too much about feedback when i’ve used it.

basses are a 2018 jazz v and a shoenbach upright with a bow idk the year or whatever idk. gk mb800 into two traynor 400w 2x10s. the stuff you can’t see on the bottom of my pedalboard is a strymon ojai for power, a passive DI not currently being used, and a lot of tape and shitty cabling lol

I also record my band while we rehearse, so right now I have a blumlein array of ART AR5 ribbons overhead, bad apex SDC on the kick and a 57 on the snare top. bass DI from my amp plus a beta 57 on one cab, guitar is a 57(also picks up in the blumlein a lot, everything does lol) and i sing thru a beta 58, and guitarist is using aaaa telefunken i believe? either that or he’s on the one the dude from king gizz uses lol

everything goes into a tascam 16x8 and ableton. yay!


this room fucks, so hard


Id love to have one of those!


Look what the cat dragged in!!!
Nice to see you’re still making music!


I need to research a couple of those pedals you have in your collection. How is the plasma pedal and data corrupter? I have a quite a few pedals on my list to buy and those are two of them