Pictures of your setup


Got everything set up, now it’s just a case of learning how to use the beatstep. So far it’s pretty intuitive, but it’ll likely take a while to dive into it


Nice. And that painting behind your gear of a back yard is very realistic.


We’ve been working on our art skills :wink:

It’s so much fun just jamming with the beatstep too


My humble setup :slight_smile:


Been working in web development these days, so my setup is sort of hybrid of web dev and musician. Seems like a healthy enough combo.


I don’t see the web developer part of the studio lol ;p


It’s a work laptop. My recording pc is not in frame, but I am sharing the double screens. This is not a distraction free work environment. :grinning:


I keep a swimming pool about 20 feet from my home office. I feel you.


My work from home space is also problematic.


You have a Beat Thang.

Like… you actually, factually own a Beat Thang.

And it’s powered up.

You USE a Beat Thang…


I mainly use it to trigger insanely long or large samples (fx, vocals). Other than that, it’s a neat night light. The stock sounds and sequencer on that thang are pretty horrible and the firmware hasn’t been updated in a long time., so I don’t think it is going to get better.


There’s one at a local pawn shop that’s been kinda begging for my attention.

I won’t do it though. They want something like $400-$500 for it IIRC.


I bought mine for around 250 after shipping with low expectations. It really is a sturdy piece, but support for it is sparse and limited, so I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone unless they were a rare gear collector (they really didn’t make that many of these).


New, cleaner setup. Going to install LED strip lights in the rack case. I needed to tidy up and make space for my laptop so I can move my office out of the kitchen.


Had to buy this thing to get my MIDI stuff under control. $40 including shipping and I’m solid now.


Been getting into video synthesis and mixing motion graphics with analog glitches. I’m still a huge noob with the analog side of things
I found an insane deal on a Panasonic WJ MX12 and thankfully it was previously owned by an old broadcasting station so they took good care of it
Btw if anyone is interested in analog glitch video stuff, I cannot recommend mismatcher01 enough


going to modify it with a SD card reader?


So I got a secondary PC for my brother to use so we can both loop with Ableton at the same time. Got an optiplex 9020 with an i7 4770, 16gb of ram, 250gb ssd, and put a 3tb hdd in it. He’s only running Ableton 10 so it can handle it. It’s hooked up to the little raspberry pi touchscreen I got. Real fun to use with Output’s Portal and Thermal, as well as granular synths. Hexagonal keyboard can emulate C-thru’s Axis 49. And just started this new subscription that is essentially Netflix’s old subscription model but for music hardware. So we’re borrowing an OP-1 and my brother’s gonna decide if he wants to buy one. Leaning towards ‘yes’ so far lol…


A tower like that optiplex is what I first learned accounting on in highschool. That brought back some memories.


Re-Configured the space after almost 2 years of work from home. Back to freelancing and tour.