Pictures of your setup


I can’t remember the last time I did a studio tour but I’m pretty sure it was completely different, so here goes: the most ghetto shit in the world, but my dream studio nonetheless

This is my streaming space. My best patches are the ones I make in bed on a far-too-underpowered laptop when I can’t sleep, but my metal stuff gets made here as well because it’s where the actual tools hang out.

The acoustic shrine, complete with a deafening singing bowl, some kalimbas and really cool flute

2 of the members of my metal project, they should probably have names at this point. Slime 1 and 2?

Slimes 3 and 4. The room isn’t big enough for proper perspective but the drums are jammed into a closet and it fits just perfectly enough.

The shittiest table I own, it’s going to be great for those future acrylic pours because it already looks like shit. If you can decipher the embarrassingly bad doodle, I’m trying to commit some new knowledge to memory

My wife stole one of my desktops for gaming so I made this my shitty graphics station. Thankfully I’m a simple man and I should be able to get by with really bad specs

Last but definitely least, I’m kind of being forced to hang my garbage on the wall until I either give it away or throw it away because there’s no more space left for it. It’s better than bare walls, but only by a little bit

As shitty as it is compared to everyone else’s, I feel like I’m not missing a thing and this recent organization has made it even cozier somehow


That is a badass creative space.


Im honestly just jealous of all of you with very tidy studios. Ive always been untidy.


Current synth world.


I like how everything’s neat and tidy except for that fucking mess on the modular. Just as it should be. :smiley:


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Gap at bottom right. Needs more GAS :rofl:


Ha! My Line6 M9 and DL4 lives in that spot when they’re not on the floor for stomping on.


In today’s porn:
Had to have a crew build out a make shift sound and video stage today, so I wanted to share:



DAMN son


Had to get another mixer to use as a submixer. Ended up with a Behringer Xenyx 2222FX I won on ebay for cheap. Also was milling around one of the local Goodwill thrift stores looking for… something. Ran across a conductor’s stand in pretty much new condition. No price tag on it but I took it to a register anyways. Cashier asked the manager “how much?”, the manager looked at it and said “$6.99”. Now my SP404 and OG Trigger Finger have their own stand.

Gotta rip this apart this weekend and re-route a few things through the Behringer. The MU50 I have on the way and any other modules I end up with are going through it as well. Plus, I have a new case and a dedicated hard drive for audio for the DAW PC so those are going into place as well.


Just getting back into producing, going DAWless this time round so we can eventually perform live. Currently using the Elektron cycles to do most of the track with a few extra drums from the Drum Brute and pads from the miniak. We’ve got a beatstep pro but we’re waiting for some more cables to arrive before we intergrate it into the set up.

Seriously impressed with the elektron though. It was basically a spur of the moment “that looks fucken cool” purchase, and we love it so much we’re considering ditching the drum brute for the sample version, or just straight up saving up for the digitakt.


One of us
One of us
One of us
One of us


Next step: start ignoring the rest of the forum and just join in the Hardware Megathread.


It’s a lot of fun, but damn if there aren’t a whole bunch of spinning plates to manage, we keep on forgetting to mute bits, or switch patterns. Def need to dive into the beatstep and see what it can do


I mean we literally just got this and we’re already eyeing up more gear so that’s probably a given at this point


oh you mean IDMFHWT? Thats what I joined.



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