Pictures of your setup


Loving those clouds :+1:t2:


Yeah… So the small rig just wasn’t cutting it so I made space and pulled everything back out. Time to get back to it.


Looks good. Not having computer keyboard centered for display would drive me mental but if it works for you, it works for you :slight_smile:


The angle the keyboard is at is pretty comfortable 'cause I use it with just my right hand. With this specific machine, it’s only ever used to name files and tracks and for a tiny bit of menu navigation. It’s not connected to the internet nor do I want it connected for any reason, so I don’t really use the keyboard much.


It always warms my heart to see an old Electribe : )


haha cheers m8


Are you neal breen by any chance? No joke, i legit love your movies. I sample them all the time.

Anyways, i hope you’re well space cowboy :slight_smile:


I think its a color change, g something, i have one as well. Ill attach pic when im off the can.

I bought this at office depot


I’m only neil breen in my head. One day I’ll get the surgery to look the part.


Warmth fills my heart knowing you strive to reach your true form. Like the Cell Saga! :smiley:


Built another control room. Some.networkung stuff, some video, some audio


Even though I’m naturally chaotic there is something really satisfying about those organized, just long enough cables in whatever kind of patchbays (looks like network/CAT) those are…


Not mine, but this is all the stuff I look after on tour (minus the drum kit, I am no drum tech). I built custom cable looms for the whole operation so it looks as tidy as those plexiglass allow. In drum world, there is a Roland spdsx and Elektron Analog RYTM mk2.

Coming to an arena near you….


Yeah some network, routed to switchers, cameras, and floor boxes. Love chaos too, but for this sort of system stuff gets super disorganized quick without things being “fluent”


Can you tell us whose gear this is? If not, I understand.


This is the stage setup for Rufus Du Sol. Sort of prog house pop. I’ve been working w them for about 3 years.

Lovely blokes.


I kinda thought that’s who it was. If they swing by Ohio’s way I am gonna catch them for sure. I dig their music pretty well. Almost certain you turned me on to them.


I love that there’s a chair facing it in one of those areas where they are famously no use whatsoever :rofl:

(I know engineers need to sit down once in a while, but still…)


JJ Abrams would be proud of the lens flare :smiley:


:rofl: yeah sometimes when you’re stuck trying to think, sitting down helps relieve the stress?