Pictures of your setup


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Show starts in 45 min, I think I’m 3rd


Dude… it’s so cute.


We built 2 new control rooms, for post production.

Green room:


what kind of foam do you put in a channel like that? epic


@nose we have some ‘pinta acoustics’ wiltec white we might do some drop ceiling stuff with, but will probably do some owens corning 703 inside the walls. damn, looks like i forgot to take a picture of the green room, i’ll snap it tomorrow and post it =(


Added green room pics above


Got the FW-1082 setup and working properly. Took a bit of work and a bunch of reading, but it’s working wonderfully. Also had to buy another PSU for it, the one it came with was the wrong voltage and amperage. I’m surprised it even turned on and attempted to work.


nice setup there misterjones. :slight_smile:
Also TvMcC, that looks really cool!