Pictures of your setup


MIDI and weirdness pretty much go hand in hand in my experience ;p Hope you get it sorted soon.


Don’t see one in the pic, if you are not using a MIDI patchbay/thrubox I would maybe look into some. It will help with all the weirdness by cleaning up timing and jitter issues between hardware.


This is solid advice. I’d get a powered MIDI Thru box though, otherwise you have to depend on one of your hardware devices to send the juice over a MIDI cable.


I got myself this little number and am quite pleased with it:

It is USB powered, which is handy as several other things on my synth desk are also (SQ-80, my clock etc), so I bought a USB “power station” thingy with individual power switches for each port, and it saves a ton of space.


Blue & Green patch cables arrived

LOM Ucho Pro finally arrived after been sat around a slovakian sorting office for over a month.


Dig the colored cables.

The other bit of kit is some kind of microphone?


Dug some “oddities” out of storage for studio decor. Fwiw I try to collect ethically sourced pieces.


Nice cat btw


lol…we have 5 real ones…last time we went on vacation our friend and cat sitter went to the 2nd hand shops and bought a bunch of cat related things and hid them all over our house. I found this in my sock/underwear drawer! Had to keep him <3


The problem is really boiling down to Cubase being weird when I tell it to use either of the MIDI outputs coming from the Tascam US428. Right now I have an output going to the DS330 and another one going to the DR660 and neither is working.

I’ve been thinking of replacing the US428 with a Tascam FW-1082 mainly for the motorized faders so I’m probably not going to sink a ton of time in it. I’ll make a decision on it in a week or so.


5? Fuck, I need some more.


lol, technically we have 7 if you count the two feral/strays we take care of who live outside (they have shelters and get food and water from us everyday so by law in our county they are technically our cats). we provide vet care when they let us.


Happy Easter Morning, just pottering about dismantling a patch i made last night making a clean slate for a session today



Make a song.


I followed your advice and took the tracker for a ride


How to mount your Elektrons on a monitor pole…


Setup for the stream this evening.

mpc2500, tb03, model D Behringer, MS20 mini +misc eurorack bits.


Where’s this video you are streaming?


Twitch, digging up the link.


The sound craft mixer above the eurorack is sexy af