Pictures of your setup


I tidy up and then it devolves into chaos. Having a “dayjob” in eurorack has not helped, tho on Friday afternoons when I “clock out” I take my work skiff, o scope and utilities off of my desk/workspace.

It helps me not feel like I’m “working” when I’m doing “my own endeavors” (client mixes or original work)


That’s a great space, but move that MicroFreak to a more accessible place!!!

Also, how is that Hydrasynth?


+1 I keep seeing it pop up on Elektronauts




RFJ trust me he’s been behaving properly, I made an account on Elektronauts just to make sure that our people don’t go cheating on us.


I did a pretty good job of hiding until I posted a cat pic…


Tweaking a track in mine tonight


Awesome! Give us a view of the wall, I wanna see those toys. Shit makes me jealous


The pic probably makes it look a bit higher than it is, I am only 5’9 and can still play the top rack fine.

The Hydra is way fucking cool but I haven’t even begin to scratch the surface, only had it a couple weeks. It has some fucking awesome features with the routing and patching through the mod matrix and macros.

The pads on the desktop version respond very well, I actually enjoy the change up of playing them instead of keys like my other Synths.

It is the most versatile piece of gear on my rack for sure! That and the simplicity of my Roland System 1 are my babies lol. I have a love hate relationship with the microfreak, that’s why she’s top shelf. Next will be diving full into modular at some point, I fucking love modular but shit gets pricey


I took this one about two weeks ago, stuff gets moved around.

and this rack behind me when I’m at my desk


Latest arrival taking centre stage on my desk.


FM, nice.


My first FM, so far it makes sense as it also doubles up as a six osc subtractive synth. I’m planning a reese for tomorrow…


Very slick! I could stare at modular all day, love that setup. So much eye candy I almost missed the bottle of Jack!


Nice dude, cant go wrong with Korg! The only FM I have is the Korg Volca FM and even that little thing can be impressive, have fun. First time seeing that unit but will be watching some videos on it tonight now lol. I am eyeing the Moog Matriarch myself, that will probably round out my synth collection for using keys.

I need to start figuring out which modules I want to buy to start rounding out some modular and piecing it together in my head, so much good shit it is hard to figure out where to start.


i love a smooth reese, cant help using reese basslines in most of the stuff i make.


i like your setup and jealous of all the space you have.


I still think it is one of the best sounds one can make with a synthesizer.


I know what angle to take pics so I don’t show the utter devastation and chaos that is my bedroom.


I’m getting there. Got some weirdness with MIDI routing but I’m working through it.