Pictures of your setup


That kind of reminds me of my guitarcade

Or ‘backsaver’ in English


What kind of guitar is that?


Washburn W114. It’s cheap but I love the sound!


A few years ago, I had this idea to do a few releases with just 2-3 tabletop instruments. Got no excuse not to do it now. Even though I have an MPC500 on the way, I think I’d prefer using a Roland MS-1 with these two.


Honestly, I’m very curious to see what you do with this setup. You’ve defo got some classic pieces. I’d love to see a live jam video from you sometime.


I’m definitely going to use the DS-330 for the One Box Challenge. I’m toying with using the Electribe for it but that would mean recording multiple tracks from it into a DAW… kinda seems like I’d be cheating.

Using these two together though? I definitely have some ideas.


Finally got around to getting my space more organized!


Daaaaaaamn. Very nice sir : ) Even got the couch for the groupies and everything.


How do you like that empress reverb?

Nice setup too man, and long time no see!


Love what you did with the acoustic treatment. I mean that, if I have to see another perfectly done room of rectangles adorning the walls symmetrically I think I might barf. Can’t someone pluck up the courage to make a fricking triangle or something?


That is some cozy studio space right there :slight_smile:


Here is my latest iteration of a studio space. I desperately need a desk extension, and super steady hands so I can take sharper pictures.


Do you guys clean your rooms before you take these pictures or are you just naturally tidy? My space constantly looks like a cross between an ADHD person’s garage and like you hired chimpanzees to do mass cable organization.


Fucking love that pedal, it is running through the ASM Hydrasynth right now. So far the best pedal in my space! I have a couple tucked away that have collected dust for almost a decade lol.


I usually clean before hand or crop the photo. LOL. My “studio” is a a combination shoe lair, stray cat recovery room, where I keep my clothes (we have tiny closets and our house is about 100 years old), if we are doing another project everything gets dumped in that extra room.

Also I am slob.

@Creepr very nice setup. Looks like you have a spacious room all to yourself.


I work from my music desk so I need to keep some tidyness


Yup lol. 10 years ago I would have done that, I went to a respected engineers house and was blown away by his sound on two little 4 inch mid grade monitors. I asked how he knew where to put his panels. He was just like dude I just threw them anywhere.

Also that room I am in is way too fucking big, if I took pics of the whole room you’d see why I spread them out to cover more space, that room has the cabinet with gear and knick nacks you see in one pic, a fireplace, another couch with otterman, big screen tv, then a coffee table, my rack with gear, computer and monitors, that white couch and more panels on the wall behind it…

It also opens up into the kitchen. My thoughts were to aim the monitors and sub toward the kitchen opening to trap in reflections and put up panels spread out to cover space. It does make a world of difference but an acoustician would probably vomit looking at it.


I just did a full tear down to clean my gear and build my rack, so it was def. cleaned before hand, shits a nightmare to do but feels great when done…fucking cable anxiety is what gets me the most


Much like a club my studio is a party in the front:

With a grimy backside hidden in the dark:

Not sure what to do, I have 16 channels of audio in, patch bay, 8 channels of midi in/out, and all my power handled in 5u. I think it was kind of inevitable this would just hide in the darkness.


@White_Noise I wish we had a laugh react ;p

All I can say is that whatever cables are near each other I use velcro wraps to keep the cables together until they need to separate. It makes things moderately less chaotic.