Pictures of your setup


This is my “I can’t sit in a chair” setup I’m rocking now.
BTW please just ignore the piss-colored hues; it’s just how my shitty flip phone camera perceives the dim lighting in here. :laughing:


this dude in 2020 using a flip phone like a total boss


I’ve never had a smart phone.

Not being a hipster, just would rather spend my $$$ on gear :money_mouth_face:


I promised an update on my setup when my patch bay came in and it arrived this morning. Just finished making sure everything still makes sounds after wiring it up. And I rarely turn everything on and won’t be keeping the Rev2 for long so I took the opportunity to show off the whole lightshow in the dark.


This new setup defeats fascism with house music…


Is your name Jack by any chance?


No. But I do jack my body to the beat <3


Looking good relic! Also please never say that again


Loud and clear hahaha (but peeps did used to say that…#nerd).


Nice setup bruh