Pictures of your setup


This is my “I can’t sit in a chair” setup I’m rocking now.
BTW please just ignore the piss-colored hues; it’s just how my shitty flip phone camera perceives the dim lighting in here. :laughing:


this dude in 2020 using a flip phone like a total boss


I’ve never had a smart phone.

Not being a hipster, just would rather spend my $$$ on gear :money_mouth_face:


I promised an update on my setup when my patch bay came in and it arrived this morning. Just finished making sure everything still makes sounds after wiring it up. And I rarely turn everything on and won’t be keeping the Rev2 for long so I took the opportunity to show off the whole lightshow in the dark.


This new setup defeats fascism with house music…


Is your name Jack by any chance?


No. But I do jack my body to the beat <3


Looking good relic! Also please never say that again


Loud and clear hahaha (but peeps did used to say that…#nerd).


Nice setup bruh


New addition to my rig: 1st gen Electribe EA-1. Caught it on Ebay for cheap. I’ve always wanted the first gen Electribes and seeing this one just gave me an excuse to start buying them. Didn’t come with a PSU and Zzounds had a real Korg PSU for it which should be arriving today and Amazon screwed up an order for a MIDI cable (replacement is due in on Wednesday). Once the PSU gets in I’ll start dinking around with it and I’ll get it integrated once the MIDI cable comes in.

Now if only someone would let an EM-1 go for cheap…

I also bought an MPC500 from an old friend of mine in Detroit and he threw in a Tascam DP008ex that he wasn’t using. Not sure what I’ll do with that if anything 'cause Tascam decided MIDI wasn’t needed on that unit so I can’t sync it to anything.


@misterjones313 I freakin’ love the Electribe series. If I ever have money and the room to do it I’d love to have a functioning groovebox museum in my house. That also requires a bigger house hahaha.


@relic Tell me about it. I’ve always wanted a lot of those tabletop “groove” machines like the old Rave-O-Lution 309, the MC303 (I heard Terrence Dixon Jr used it on a lot of his releases in the late 90’s), RM1x, the Electribes, etc. I even envisioned doing music with just tabletop machines including my old Boss DS-330.


I’m still after the ‘elusive’ ultimate tabletop machine. At the moment I have a Force and it’s the closest I ever got to my needs.

I also still have a MC-505, I don’t use it anymore but I keep as it was my first.
Turn it on once a year, realise how badly it aged, wipe it and put away…


Almost there. Just waiting on the MPC500 and DR660. I might get one more synth but I’m not really sure what yet.


Even if you have a couple synths it is legitimately difficult to make a choice these days. I feel like I got into the whole hardware thing just as we begun being spoiled for choice/price point. Maybe an analog mono synth?


Something different, a picture of the drawer where I keep the bits and bits that I don’t use all the time.


That is the best “junk” drawer I have ever seen : )


Posting this mostly because I’m excited I found out that the DT can be mounted to standard computer monitor frames. This placement won’t work permanently as I can’t reach it well enough even standing. My table has a lip that makes the clamp difficult to use. I am going to have to find some scrap wood or something to make it work. Hopefully I can get it to work because it looks badass lol. And Also I honestly need the space if I have any chance of keeping my DJ setup constructed. Sorry the picture is tiny, Digitakt is in the upper left, mounted on a pole style monitor stand.


Saw this on the interwebs and thought of some of ya’ll: