Pictures of your setup


Here’s mine, I raised the desk and cleaned up a bit.
This is the non work configuration, during office hours the small laptop you see closed on the left under a cloth takes centre stage and the Bluetooth keyboard (connected to my personal laptop) slides under the Force.


A small but efficient set-up.


DJ Deck :kissing:




Just moved into a new place, will look better after we remodel the basement and I get my wall decor and lights up.


I’ve been waiting about 13 years to be able to take this picture. Really happy to finally have a dedicated creative space again. Now to get recording…


What a setup. What is the thing on top?


Well. It was one of these

But with a certain firmware installation, turns it into a rather good sequencer i do believe, I wish Behringer would re-release this. Love to have one as a controller for the Prophecy and Micron to cut out the menu diving.


Stick a star on top and you have best Christmas tree ever.


That’s correct. It’s a Behringer BCR2000 I bought way back when new, and I recently added the Zaquencer firmware and a homemade label for the controls.

Zaquencer is awesome, really fun and flexible sequencer. It takes some time to figure out because it’s pigeonholed into a device that wasn’t meant to do what it does, but it’s still incredibly powerful - 4 tracks, 2 track types (drum and melodic), start, length, clock divide, shuffle, and direction per track, ratcheting, delays, chords, Midi CC control, etc.

Goes great with the Nord Modular or Digitone, and am hoping to use it’s crazy sequencing through the MidiHub to do some wild parameter changes and other stuff.


I’ve got one from way back when that I lovelovelove as a control surface. I too would like to have a second to dump the sequencer firmware on, but I’m not willing to pay what they cost used to do it.

Behringer has to know how popular these things were. My guess is the price of the rotary encoders went up to the point that it’s not financially viable to produce and sell at a price point they’re comfortable with (not enough people are going to pay $300+ for some knobs). The fact that there’s not anything else like it on the market and no one has taken up making them makes me think that’s the case. It’s a shame, as they’re really handy units.


Problem is there is nothing near it on the market, and anything that is is USB midi only.


Picked up a few new things, the Microfreak is currently plugged into the Dark Sun pedal, both together make some really pretty noises.
The new studio monitor stands are Soundrise Pros. Their marketing is terrible but these are nice and save some space.
Got a couple mounts and a mini mixer for easy playback volume control and so that singing while reading lyrics off a phone is easier or in case someone’s playing guitar while singing or something. Highly recommend doing this to your mic stand, it was really cheap actually and makes things really convenient.


Sometimes I get really excited…

To cover the gear when not using it


Small update to my arsenal, or maybe large depending on how you think about it. Just got this beauty set up today. My 2nd substantial hardware synth (1st was the Microbrute). Stoked to be getting deeper into hardware. :slight_smile:


Oh pretty!


Love it. This is so awesome.


wow. looks like a lot going on there! very cool man, enjoy : ) hopefully the coming holiday season will afford you some time to spend with your new love.


New love indeed. My poor wife… haha!

I’ll post some video’s once I figure out how to use it more competently. :wink:


I think many of us have wives and woman who wait on us while we woo synthesizers.