Pictures of your setup


So jealous of you folks with cool hardware with lights and knobs. Gotta get me some of that!

I work with live instruments, two microphones and a DAW on my laptop… it gets me there… if I pedal really hard!


Djembes in the house! Also, I think we have the same floor tile.


Saltillo? With the cat and dog footprints?


on closer inspection, they do appear different, but very very close. :slight_smile:


Trying to figure out why there’s a toilet under the acoustic guitar.


Analog, Digital and Darkness…


experimenting with the new camera :grinning:


I’ve definitely played some crap on that beast :rofl:


Those are some cool pics! Dancing colored lights always mesmerize :star_struck:


Ohhhh… I think you are referring to my zigzag Deco handmade Tibetan carpet. You can barely see the Saltillo tiles in the pics.

You have tile in that pattern? Art Deco House? Or maybe Craftsman? (I’m a bit of an Architecture snob :kissing_smiling_eyes:)


no, I meant the tiles, not the rug. That would be cool tile though.


Look at you being all sexy and noir ;p


lol multicolor LEDs are great for being informative but sometimes terrible for aesthetics


Hahaha. That is certainly true. Sometimes gear shots look like psychedelic LED vomit.


Added a microphone to my setup. Pyle PDMIC71. Not great, but it’s a noisemaker. I’ll get something nicer later on down the line.


Finally got this Grendel Drone Commander to appear in a track


My happy place…


as long as all the cables are plugged in the right places, thats good enough management for me :grinning:


there are days when the cable mess gives me a ton of anxiety and it’s overwhelming, maybe I should just deal with it but it’s going to be SUCH A CHORE lol… and I’m lazy, so I’m putting it off until I move

Hey that’s a pretty good setup still! There are lots you can do with that I’m sure!


Hey that is a lot tidier than mine man. You even have nice floors and soothing green walls…perfect. :slight_smile: