Pictures of your setup


That’s all probably pretty true! I wasn’t thinking so much about internet security as when I was still using a desktop I put together myself for music I ran XP for a long time because it never crashed or BOD or anything like that. Pretty sure I jumped from XP right to Windows 10 however many years ago. But yea, I probably wouldn’t connect it to the internet much if I was doing that : )


That’s what I was talking about, though I was mistaken. Windows XP POSReady finally stopped receiving security updates back in July of 2019; I thought it was still getting patches.

I was using XP in this manner on my Dell Mini 10 netbook until I flipped it to Linux back in 2018 (it’s now running OpenBSD). I seem to remember more patches than that though.


Regardless, if it’s offline, it’s perfect. I do miss XP sometimes, it was solid in ways that newer OSs can only dream of.


Honestly, I think there’s a lot to be said for a stand alone audio production system like what @misterjones313 is doing. None of the distractions of the internet, no security issues, no extra crap to clog up the drives, just music making. It’s like a big, fancy version of all that stuff you yahoos are always drooling over in the Hardware thread :stuck_out_tongue:


Hahahaha. Absolutely. No arguments there. We drool long, and we drool often! (sometimes at the expense of actually making music at least in my case).


That’s absolutely what I’m going for. While I’d love to own an MPC 2000 for a sequencer, Roland VS2480 w/meter bridge for a multi-track recorder, and a buttload of external fx processors, synth modules, keyboards, and drum machines, I don’t have the space for it like I used to, and with the way old gear is being ridiculously priced nowadays, I don’t have money to do what I want either (seriously, I bought my old JX3P w/PG200 for $200 used from Music Go Round back in '99, they’re well over $1000 without the programmer now!).

This will do. No distractions, just me and the music.


Just curious: Can someone recommend some stands? I need to get my monitors about 5-6" off of the desk to get them at ear level properly.


iso acoustics seem popular, I use auralex foam pad stands, not sure they are that tall tho


Yeah 6 inches is a … tall order!


I’ll measure it when I’m at home, maybe 4" will work.

I’ve seen some from 6-8" tall, but they seem to be overly expensive. I was hoping to be able to find something inexpensive.


I felt kinda dumb paying $80 for pieces of foam…but they do work better than the Norton Anthologies I was using lol


Heavy’s the name of the game - denser the stand, the less vibration is transferred. Then acoustic isolation.

I currently use steel cans filled with Portland cement (no water added, just the powder) with Auralex MOPADs on top, works a treat. I had them on cinder blocks with the Auralex pads before that, did ok, but the cement is denser and I’m guessing the fine nature of it absorbs some of the vibration before it gets to the desk. If you want budget 4", grab a cement cap block and break it in half. Throw some pads on top.

If you’re looking for something attractive and less industrial… I have no idea. Most of the desktop speaker risers I see look kinda thin and flimsy.


I’m also looking at lining the wall directly behind my setup with this stuff:

I figure a row or two of it right behind the desk and in that corner should be enough.


this looks like a super fun set up espcially for a live show


I realized the same, if I have multiple machines running I don’t get the most out of them, if I focus on one, get something going, sample, switch off and move to the next I get bet results.


@Auto-meh-geddon and @HyperstationJr I’ve kind of been forced to work that way for a while and I quite enjoy getting deep into each machine. Now that I have a few pieces I’ll have to remember not to get distracted by trying use them all at once all the time.

I was never good at juggling more than two for a live jam anyway. But the temptation is there for production.


Hmmm :thinking: been a while since I tried this

If it works… this the space I call The Annex

EDIT the little photo icon thingy doesn’t seem to work on my iPad… Dohhh! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Link worked for me. You can also literally copy and paste photos into posts on the new software though : )


Put the new 1.5 firmware on the analog 4 MKI and thought that deserved a picture


Nope… Copy and Paste nor Drag and Drop worked for me. My previous attempt was with iPad, so I thought that was the variable.

The only thing that worked was using my laptop and the little “upload” icon at the top of the Edit field… Anyway… welcome to the 1roomstudio Annex! (also referred to as “The Green Room”)