Pictures of your setup


It’s a pretty big rectangular room so I wanted it to sound as dead as humanly possibly, esp with the guitar rigs set up. It sounds pretty weird up here to be honest. My voice sounds like it’s coming from inside my body.


Thats fucking trippy… haha!


I was pretty tripped out by that first time I heard it, but it actually kinda is. The voice is shaped by the throat and mouth, but the voice comes from inside the chest. First time I heard that was when I got really baller headphones. Now I’m more used to it.


My 9 string

Maschine running into pitch pedal and then signal splitter (split into clean, distorion, and delay/reverb chains) currently before going into deck D of traktor.

Traktor S8. Above that is my distortion chain for the maschine drums, a life pedal and an overdrive.

My telecaster and my gibson sg. A couple amps on stands so the sound actually hits me directly from the cone to the ears.

Treatment on the back doors. An ikea 4square unit to keep my toys off the ground.

Pretty happy with how it looks. Need to get a couch now too.


That’s a funky setup, DJ gear and a 9 string!
How does one even play 9 strings!
Looks cool.


Death to bass players :rofl:


I can’t even play a one string.


9 string? Does it go djun djun djun, though?


My favorite music includes Techno , doom metal, black metal and death metal.
Playing 9 strings is a pain in the ass and requires a lot of muting technique.


Well it’s tuned to low C# so a 5 string bass player has two notes I can’t play. LOL.
Mainly I bought it so I can laze out and come up with both guitar parts and bass parts without changing guitars.


it djents really nicely.


Iphone recording. But it gets pretty low.


Yes, it took this long to get my rig up and running. No it’s not even close to the way it’s supposed to be.

The PC is still sitting on my coffee table. The board is mounted, the psu is loose in there, and the dvd drive needs to be screwed in. I really want to use it instead of my old laptop but it’ll do until I stop being lazy.

And I have a Radium 61 on the way.


OMG Windows XP!!! :DD

Nice toys tho


It was either that or Vista…


XP was pretty stable if I remember. No harm in that.


Unless it’s connected to the internet, then it’s 100% insecure. That’s exactly where botnets come from.


It’s extremely stable and all of my hardware and software are at home with it.


It’s not connected to anything, not even my own home network.

However, XP is still getting security releases directly from M$. XP for POS machines is still getting regular releases and to get those patches is a simple registry change away. However, I have no need for this machine to be connected to the internet for any reason, so I haven’t done it and it will remain that way.

BTW, the majority of those C&C servers that any piece of malware written for XP would even attempt to connect to are gone. There’s such a thing as “secure through obsolescence”.


XP does not get regular security patches and hasn’t since 2014 (unless you’re the US Government or another entity that paid for the extended critical support). The last security patch it got was in 2019 for RDP exploits (CVE-2019-708). Before that it was 2017 for WannaCry/NSA Tools. Embedded POSReady hasn’t had a security patch since April of last year, and won’t ever again, even via registry changes.

I do agree the target surface is a lot smaller - anyone with an XP machine isn’t likely much of a target these days, but I still wouldn’t take the chance, personally.