Pictures of your setup




Retro DAW is coming along. Just got the case for the machine the other day. The Mackie monitors came in on the same day. Waiting on an MPD16 and they keyboard and mouse for the PC. I’ll probably build the DAW machine tonight if I feel up to it, but it’ll be done by the end of the weekend for sure.

(edit) BTW, anyone else using Mackie CR3’s??? I know I’m not going to get much of a low end out of them, but how do they sound otherwise? I was about to grab a pair of Presonus Eris 3.5’s but saw these open box for almost half off.


Looks even better now. What’s that thing that looks like a drawing tablet to the right?


That’s a nice lamp.


We all like kit because of the pretty lights but I think thats going too far.


That lamp really ties the desk together…

I have some that I used before upgrading. They’re ok - a sight better than Rokits, but still very entry level. I think the Presonis would be a pretty good step up. The CR3s have a learning curve, so A/B a lot with other sound sources.

The thing that’s screwing you here is your placement - untreated wall with the speakers too close, and that corner is going to reflect like crazy. All that will add up to the speakers not sounding like they should and give you a false impression of their sound.

If you can, move your desk off the wall about a foot, and away from the corner. Make sure they’re placed correctly - equilateral triangle at head level. I’d also invest in a decent pair of monitoring headphones to either mix or check mixes on; you’re not going to get the room experience out of them, but they’re likely going to be more true than small monitors in an untreated room and they’ll give you a second reference point.


correct,it is a wacom bt works really well in zbrush,photoshop.illustrator.and clip studio paint,which i prefer.good eye!


Yeah, I’m aware that the corner is going to screw it up a bit. My issue is space; for the time being I’m in a really tiny apartment until I leave the state in a couple of months. I was barely even able to shoehorn that table next to the bed. My main PC is out in the living room and my laptops are on the coffee table, so this was the only place I had. It’s definitely not ideal but I’ll figure it out.

As for headphones, I do have a pair of Audio Technica ATH M40fs cans I picked up 4-5 years ago. They’re connected to my main PC through a Lexicon Alpha. They’re being moved to the new setup once I get it all together (hopefully) this weekend.


welp, never count your chickens before they hatch is what my pops used to say. I lost out on the MPD16 The auction was suuuuper dirt cheap. I had the high bid until minutes before it ended; a whole $17 and I was out bid. Oh well. I found an original Trigger Finger for cheap in “excellent” condition on Reverb and bought it. I’ll have it by Friday.


OG trigger finger is SOOO good.

I’m not sure if their editor works on current OS’es but once you get to customizing it, the TF is a boss.


I don’t know which one I had…discontinued now I’m pretty sure, but I had a Trigger Finger that had unbelievable MIDI sequencing options for the money.


Edison (the editor) works with everything up to Windows 7. I had an OG Axiom 25 and thats what I used to edit everything and I remember the Trigger Finger was among the supported devices.

I’m actually thinking of replacing my Axiom Air 32 with another OG Axiom 25 or maybe an Oxygen v2 or something like that. Fewer keys, but I like the feel of full size keys plus there’s the whole Edison thing.


It’s all starting to come together now. OG Trigger Finger came in yesterday. Couldn’t get the PC built last week so I’m hoping I can do it this week.


Needs more Star Wars posters.


Put a few things together in my temporary home office. The Nord Modular Engine is under the A4, and I still have some pieces in storage like an Alpha Juno, BCR2000, and recording and monitoring equipment, but this does the job for now.

They’re actually setup as two separate groups, the DN clocking and monitoring the A4, and the OT clocking, monitoring, and sending note and CC to the Nord and MD.


Figured it was time to post some shots of my little studio. Set up mainly for production, mixing can be a pain in this space. Pretty modest… some midi controllers, guitars and one Micro-brute. I use Logic Pro X, reason 11 and a host of software instruments, effects and plugins. I have an Ibanez 6-string, Schecter 8-string, and a Strat style Bombshell. Also have some nerdy things like vinyl and MTG decks :spider:


I know for a fact I’m getting old because the thing I’m most jealous of here is that chair. I cheaped out and now I wait and wait for mine to break that I may upgrade.


I had a fairly cheap faux leather office chair for a while. I sit 8 hours a day for my day job and was also attending college full time and sitting for just as long, if not longer than the time spent working. The amount of sitting and the cheap quality of the chair really began to take their toll on my back and my energy levels. This chair is incredible and has healped sooooo much, its kinda crazy.

For those potentially interested, it is an Autonomous Ergo Chair 2. I would highly recommend it if you want a nice chair but dont have tons of cash (still not cheap in my book, but its very nicely priced compared to some other brands for the quality)


Finally got a house so setting a studio up in the attic. Waiting for some guitar stand and amp stands to arrive so I’ll take some closer shots later.


Holy acoustic treatment batman!

Nice theme. :slight_smile: