Pictures of your setup


So you sold it for…a girl?
Is there some sort of marketplace where I can exchange/sell my synths for women?


what can I get for a pocket operator?


It was foolish looking back on it. We were going on a date and I needed some cash really quick ,and I convinced myself that I could do with what I had, and I also lusted the moog grandmother. A perfect storm of gear lust and actual lust at just the right amount to make a stupid choice haha


Oh been there my man…I sold a partially functioning Machinedrum (just needed a new power connector installed on the MB) so I could have drug money for a festival not all that many years ago hahaha.


The good thing is I learned from my experience even if it cost me a matrixbrute haha a few months later I got the Rev 2 tfor 1K and it had been sold out everywhere near me,. I got it at a good time and at a cost cheaper than whats online for a Rev 2 basically out of the box


An Oompa Loompa ladyboy.




@thanks, that’s my band name now!


I’d go with Ladyboybug, but whatevs.


No wait, Ladyboyband.


Oompa Loompa ladyboy band
They’re gonna give you a job by hand



What do you get when you trade a synth for a lay?
No longer having that cool led display
Missing those wood panels day in and day out
That’s not the wood you cared…a…bout