Pictures of your setup


So you sold it for…a girl?
Is there some sort of marketplace where I can exchange/sell my synths for women?


what can I get for a pocket operator?


It was foolish looking back on it. We were going on a date and I needed some cash really quick ,and I convinced myself that I could do with what I had, and I also lusted the moog grandmother. A perfect storm of gear lust and actual lust at just the right amount to make a stupid choice haha


Oh been there my man…I sold a partially functioning Machinedrum (just needed a new power connector installed on the MB) so I could have drug money for a festival not all that many years ago hahaha.


The good thing is I learned from my experience even if it cost me a matrixbrute haha a few months later I got the Rev 2 tfor 1K and it had been sold out everywhere near me,. I got it at a good time and at a cost cheaper than whats online for a Rev 2 basically out of the box


An Oompa Loompa ladyboy.




@thanks, that’s my band name now!


I’d go with Ladyboybug, but whatevs.


No wait, Ladyboyband.


Oompa Loompa ladyboy band
They’re gonna give you a job by hand



What do you get when you trade a synth for a lay?
No longer having that cool led display
Missing those wood panels day in and day out
That’s not the wood you cared…a…bout



This just came a few days ago. Caught it on ebay for super duper dirt cheap and bought it. I’m building out a C2Q WinXP machine and I’ll use it with that. What I really wanted was a Tascam FW-1082 interface/console because that one has motorized faders.


Ive not seen one of these in AGES. Initial driver support was poor (as were most USB audio devices “back in the day”) but I think Tascam finally got it right.

I used to sell gear at a music store back then and wanted one of these REALLY bad.


Dude, when I saw it so cheap ($21) I HAD to jump on it. I just looked it up on a whim and saw it, placed a bid thinking I’d be outbid quickly and the next morning I got the email saying I won.

I’m now almost done collecting the parts for the Xeon/C2Q WinXP machine. Just need a case at this point. It’s connected to a WinVista virtual machine at the moment but I’m not having the greatest luck setting it up there.


About to track some loops from the Digitakt to the Force, add some Microfreak loops and maybe some Live’s wavetable synth.
(Most likely not but Live needed to be in the picture)


My low budget studio in progress.

gear is not low budget,but the desk and every thing else is mcgyver.
as you can see my fender has been modified a bit.


Looks good, I dig the strat!


That set up was not working for me,so i rearranged it.


Not much to look at without a dedicated studio space (though hopefully some upcoming renovations will fix that…), so I’ve just been setting things up to play with.

This is one iteration, though I’ve since separated the Octatrack and Nord Modular as their own pair, and added my Analog Four Mk2 with the Digitone and Machinedrum (though I mainly Use the MD by itself).

Working this way helps me get the most out of each piece of gear. I found when I had everything all together, I’d just had the MD doing a basic beat or the OT doing simple one-shot playback, and not really getting at what makes each instrument special.