Pictures of your setup


That really is a tight little setup you’ve got. IMO you’ve got your basses well covered with this setup as far as sequencing and sound sources go.


Since i handle digital synthesis and sampler/romlper content in the box this subtractive/sequencing station is great. I can drive the SQ1 from an ouput on the MPC w a pulse, or from Ableton. Its cool to send it patterns, instead of straight 16th notes to get interesting variations and “happy accidents” out of it, same with the TB03 but its not quite as consistent, i think it has to do with the slides and accents.

SQ1 is also DOPE as i can use it for the MS20, or switch it to Eurorack Volts/Oct and have it drive the Model D.


Can you say a bit more about sending it patterns instead of just 16th notes, I think I know what you mean but am not sure and it sounds interesting.


Yeah, so clock sync (no midi) is a pulse tone that hits the sync in via an 1/8” jack, it takes in a 16th note pulse and every pulse advances the sequencer a step.

So one can create rhythmic variations by sending it patterns of pulses that aren’t constant 16th notes.


oooooooooh. ok. that’s awesome. and double awesome because its the MS20 : )


the Tb03 responds in a similar way, it just doesn’t fire as consistently for some reason.

I’d like to sort that out, as it could be a good way to create quick pattern variations


My cheese grater…

LMAO lookit my cable management…such a shame…


Got rid of the sofa and replaced it with a Jasper rack.

spent most of the day yesterday setting this up, still waiting for some power extension leads and USB hub to turn up from amazon before i can get this all linked up, all the Audio and Midi is done, basically everything on the rack will go through the Yamaha mixer i got from a boot sale for £20, then from there to Focusrite clarett 8 pre/Ableton

I had the Moog little phatty stage II next to the MS2000 but wasn’t happy about the weight, they weigh about 17KG combined and a rack limit is 15kg, so the Moog is on the floor leaning on the wall and replaced with the tascam 4-track, i don’t mind as i think the little phatty is a crap synth anyway (just me i’m not really a moog fan)

I now have a spare empty stand next to the window for when Osmose turns up.


I want more arms too,

in the mean time you could sit a piece of wood over 2 arms and sit the virus and Moog on it.


Good call! A bit of wood!



Moog Grandmother and what is the other larger keyboard synth?


Rerigged everything today, it seems to keep the cables less messy having everything vertically setup. Next step is to replace my rickety old desk to make accessing my computer easier. And then sell off a shit ton of un or under used shit!
Gear garage sale at my place post lockdown!

Edit: ah piss, the headphones all they way to the right into my interface sucks big time!
I am going to have to rethink this all through.


Rev2. It’s got the telltale DSI red backlights, with the keyboard extending all the way to the left and the pitch and mod wheels above it. 5 octaves of my favorite key action.

@jbvdb493 that is really clean for how much stuff is there. Maybe a desktop monitor controller with a headphone out is the solution for the headphones? I was going to build myself a rack and my headphone out would end up the same situation pretty much, but that’s mostly just for playing/tracking, all the rest of my work is ITB and I do that in bed, so I have a Schiit Fulla I just take with me and it works fine. I’ve never tried to use that with my interface though, I assume it’d be a driver nightmare.


I don’t get much chance to use my little home studio as I’m always working crazy hours at my day job, now during these terrible times i’m feeling guilty spending so much time in here whilst people outhere are fighting for their lives and others fighting to save lives :heart: (PS if the eurorack patching doesn’t appear to make sense, my 4 years old granddaughter did it :joy:)


Thats the Rev 2!


There, rack on the left, works great with headphones now.
I guess corners are bad for acoustics, but so is a giant basement room with no treatment and kids making noise in it, so whatevs, this is nice for now.
Again, next is a better desk and a bass. Gonna hold off on buying a synth for now since I might just get a guitar synth type thing, might be better for me.


I am happy to see people using the Matrixbrute. I sold mines mistakenly for a girl I was dating like a year ago, and o boy do I regret it haha


wait wait wait…you don’t get off that easy…you sold a synth for a girl??? Do tell! (really only if you want to…but man what a tease!)


Dude your setups always look tidy and sleek. I dig the hardwood as well.