Pictures of your setup


oh man! that is hilarious! it is the back of my chair but that is just fucking amazing. hahahaha


If you have an iPad duet display does the same thing as far as I can tell.


Utterly shocked there is a Windows version, but defo checking this out! If it works this will be the most useful thing my iPad’s ever done for my music!


She was a great help to Grandad today, she patched the modular and then dusted a 4-track.


Duet doesn’t work so great as a touch screen in my experience.


Black Mae finally joining me!


Kittyyyyyy <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


I could only hit the heart button once.but I have 160,999.99 more.


My current meager setup. Right now this stuff is connected to my i5 machine instead of the C2Q like it’s supposed to 'cause the monitors for the C2Q are in storage at the moment.


Lexicon Alpha? Nice I used to have one of those.


It’s my second Alpha. I had one a while back and had to sell it. Instead of buying another one I really wanted a FW interface and grabbed a FireWire Solo from ebay. My last setup was like this:

Really liked that one. The machine it was running on at the moment the pic was taken was an old Gateway e4000 with a 2.4GHz P4 in it running XP, later replaced by a Xeon 3220 (same as C2Q 6600) machine running Win7.

Had to sell all of that and I just got this stuff a few months ago.


got a good deal on a monome grid :slight_smile: I’ll get a 128 eventually too
it’s workin out much better than it did with my arduinome. It’s really nice to finally use the real thing




Loving the Synthmaster on the touchscreen too btw. What a beast that is.


Still a work in progress. PA setup on the floor behind the desk. I mostly use headphones for production these days (re: corner setup).



Showed this to She Who Must Be Adored. Her entire takeaway was “Much tidier than yours.”



Somehow this isn’t as awkward as it looks. The drums are wedged into the closet on the right (playably so) and the guitars are to the left and behind the sofa that my wife insists on keeping ‘just in case’, but otherwise everything is basically within reach. Even that keyboard up there


That looks very tidy and useable, not awkward at all.

I feel bougie AF with a whole room to myself. My books, my clothes, my records, my gear. My girlfriend keeps some shoes and a few not often worn items in the closet. I’m 37 years old and I still have my own room. I’d love to make our detached garage four seasons, but that is a pipe dream right now and it might be cheaper (or at least easier) to move to a three bedroom.


reconfigured my keys station as i sold my Nord to a friend (dont worry, i’ll be ordering a Nord 2 module to replace it)

Based on this shitty photo you might think everything is all wonky on this stand, its not, its just the angle. Having all these synths in one place has been super inspiring and im re falling in love w the Deepmind. I need to put some right angle ends on the cables for the Virus, as its making me a little batty, or maybe come up w a hutch or some solution so the Model D can sit right on top of it… its a quarantine work in progress.

:edit: I’ll be ordering some more arms and maybe another cross bar, as now I can fit my Novation Bass Station (og) and eventually the ole Nord Desktop/Module.