Pictures of your setup


The Grandkids stopped over the weekend.


man, I almost never think of any of us in that range. GF means Good Fight. For you, it means Grandfather. Congrats, bud.

EDIT - I have to add, I imagine your studio being an awesome place for them, just to mess around with or without general knowledge. I have some experience with that, which was amazing but not in this possible regard.


Finally got some soundproofing :slight_smile:




nice beheaded mannequin display


Made any wicked beats with that ceiling fan yet? :crazy_face:


sometimes I play the fan with a stick of string cheese
very unique timbres going on there


My curren kitchen table, computerless setup…


looks like a fun and capable setup


It is both of those. Despite the differing manufacturers the sequencers are quite similar so they play very well together.


Is this what you’re intending on using for your gig?

Or more just feeling it out at the moment?


That, a DJ mixer and two CDJs.


Still pretty current I think. Guitars come and go the most often.


Looks good but I’m unsure about the dildo on your computer keyboard.


Just added a little touch screen originally for raspberry pi projects to my setup, just plug it in and it works on a PC, don’t have to download anything. It was crazy cheap, and I feel like it’ll help me map things a little quicker or just make some plugins more intuitive and fun to use. Granular and software modular synths are really fun with this.


Anyway you could drop a link to where you got that screen? I’ve been thinking about getting one for my laptop so I can keep the mixer from my DAW there. Great idea for your studio btw.


Thanks, yeah I’m really happy with it!


Oh dude, that is hella cheap. Defo going to snag one in the coming weeks.


nice, yeah I couldn’t recommend it enough because of the price point


this has me thinking… making plans…

looks great!