Pictures of your setup


That looks fucking great! And plenty of room to grow it seems.


small update, found this m-audio key-studio on my porch yesterday.
good fill in till i get my Novation!

A maintenance guy was here checking out my work and…guess he had a spare!


Looks really cozy man, that’s awesome. I bet you feel ecstatic having your own spot again! <3


Fuckin A…The creative process is ahead full steam…for now anyway…


Mae finally joining me on the desk.


She looks a bit peeved at your taking her picture!
awesome shot!Hi mae!


Thank your cat for existing for me.

(Spoopiest pic on the boards that I’ve seen so far.)


i know right!mea is badass! its pretty much the only reason i even put up with that automeggedon guy.sheesh


Here is my current mess until I have a space other than my bedroom for my stuff:

(RME Babyface, Push, Mackie monitor speakers not pictured)



Very moody.


Theres a new sheriff in town

im not musicing at the moment,some of you might recognize that i am mad maxing for the moment,


So, how does the korg sound?


well i will let you know as soon as i get some fuckin sound!not having much luck at the moment.


Test it with the sequencer. If that gives sound and your keyboard doesn’t, you need to dig into the midi settings.

My first synth, which I bought used, caught me out because the previous owner had all local control off (keyboard, knobs, everything). So I had to pull out the manual and correct that little tidbit and I’ve been very happy with it since.



Sounds like MIDI might be the culprit


well it is working well now,on phones so it sounds great.been noodling a bit with some of the seq.presets and freestyling with my midi yeah some much needed rereading of my motu manual and some brushing up on midi ableton etc.i will post something tonight or tomorrow.this thing is more fun than a barrel of moogs!
and i havent even really delved in yet!


Tbh depending on the age of the Moogs in the barrel that could be nothing but a maintenance nightmare.

Also, © 2019 Moogs in a Barrel TM James Pingel, Inc. 2019


Heh moog. People still wanking over that even though its long been surpassed by anything that farts after brussel sprouts. Important place in history but you know, not all that despite being hailed as all that.


I feel you. I don’t lust after vintage stuff because I’m more impressed by what the newer synths can do (a-la Rev 2 or Matrixbrute). But I do like the ladder filter on my Matrixbrute a whole lot, and it has me curious about what a Moog (probably the Grandmother) would do for me.