Pictures of your setup


No, that is the Blues Breaker II. Great pedal. And man, I forgot the Granny! It is under the table I think. I ran out of cables to connect everything, so this is my “learn how the F to connect all this stuff and make it sound gud” setup. Nothing permanent. The MG will return shortly with fresh batteries, a cable, and some nicer samples. Plus a few other odds and ends. :slight_smile:

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Ah! I can kinda see that. I still can’t stop seeing the scene from World War Z where the zombies go over the wall in Israel (? somewhere in the middle east). (also, I apologize if my guess insulted your taste in movies lol).


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That is one sexy setup there @StrayMedicine. Nice and tidy.:+1: is that a steam controller on the desk there?


Thanks! And no it’s an xbox one controller but I use it with steam haha


ah, I was wondering if you had tried to get it to work as a midi controller…that is something I keep meaning to try but have not gotten around to yet.


You could using BOME midi translator, or possibly with JoyToKey and another program that could turn keystrokes into midi notes


Awwwww! cute.makes me miss my mixing buddy peanut.


I had to give up on the iPad. It should have been able to do what we needed. We are a duo with vocals (me), guitar w/ an ample pedal board (the other guy). So the iPad just needed to do drum and synth bass. Leads etc. were being done on Minilogue and Circuit.

But there were so many challenges on iPad - most host apps lack tempo changes; things not responding to program changes; arp timing issues internally and with hardware synths; inconsistent cc implementation; crashing (which was occasional even being very conservative with CPU load.).

It was all so easy in Ableton.

Setup = laptop, usb hub, midi keys, Launchpad, Moog Sirin, Focusrite 2i2. All velcro’d on like a pedalboard (though I need to re-do some of the tiers for aesthetic reasons, not cut new boards since prior iteration.

Launchpad is controlling the song parts, intro, verse, etc. Some of that is automated but is a good visual cue (all color coded per part) for us. The extended jam parts are looped. Some songs have mute/unmute parts, record arm/unarm parts, live midi loop recording.

On the keyboard, have 16 knobs or sliders and I consistently set those to Filter/Osc/Mod/Env/Glitch/Dirt/EQ and send level/Delay/Reverb. Knob is character, slider is amount. Those are specific enough to remember, but flexible enough to not be too boxed in creatively. Much improvement there over the iPad where you couldn’t freely assign ccs. Every song in Ableton can have a custom and consistent knob/slider setup.

The last 4, Dirt/EQ & send level/Delay/Reverb are on the aux track so they can be putting effects on multiple tracks.

And then use the mod wheel as a wildcard for any secondary vst synth/effect manipulation.

Of course, the Moog Sirin is another option for live tweaking.

Current setup, simple and powerful.



Nice keyboard stand, I have something similar. And is that a Kilpatrick audio phenol with all the patch cables in it?


yes, it is. love the little bugger. :hugs:


Scored a used A Frame stand on FaceBook market place. Most of the keyboards are in one place now. The whole on the bottom left is for my MS20mini but for now the Korg ARP Odyesee will live there as I’ve a trade at the moment.

Today I wire all midi and audio.


If only all you mofos were as sexy as your setups ;p


I’ve always thought they were one of the coolest looking synths. Not sure I could actually make it do things I want, but I would happily keep one on my coffee table next to the nice, expensive table books.


You should have ciat lonbarde machines aside with it.

The phenol is a cool synth, dual oscillating fm madness with a very oldskool sounding delay on the master. I’m mostly doing short delay resonated pulse click beats with it.


The mpc on the stand seems like an odd choice to me, seems like you would be less likely to use it that way. Cool setup either way.


Its a work in progress.

Currently I’m relying on the MPC for sequencing predominantly, and I’ll likely never sample with it as im more of a build kits in the box and transfer them over USB.