Pictures of your setup


My awesome girlfriend told me to get a synth for my bday. Got the last Novation Mono Station at Zzounds. Freaking love it. Sexy is exactly what the sequencer is.


Reddit is having a field day with this.

This was 2012. I have no explanation of what the fuck was going on here


That could be a baller album cover if you just blew out the colors and made it look like a shitty polaroid.


Believe it or not, I already ran it through a lot of processing! It’s pretty blown out compared to the original, but I like the idea of running with it!


After over a years break from DIY it’s good to occupy my little corner in the garage again.


Still the same minimalist PC + MPE controller setup, but added some software - and hopefully soon a Pulse metronome (thanks again @Neuralsphere! :smiley: ):


Why are they having a field day? What kind of things are they saying?



This one is my favorite so far


Shitty beer is the fuel of genius.


Bout it my own place.bullshit half assed no furniture.but you know what happens next.:monkey::grin:


And 5 stars if you guess the movie


I keep seeing World War Z when I look.


I finally scored a Korg MS2000(b) This is literally the machine that made me fall in love with synths waaaay back in the days of my impressionable youth.


I almost got one , but it was gone when I got to the shop. I ended up getting a Prophecy. Awesome synth, but a nite-mare to program.


It’s def gonna take some getting use to but that’s OK. The last time I had my mitts on one was very briefly in a Guitar Center 1,000 years ago and I had no fucking idea what an LFO was but I’ve figured out the vocoder and its pretty damn tasty.


Are you confusing it with something else? It’s a pretty typical knobby VA synth. Why would it be a nightmare to program?


If you fun a drum loop from a drum machine through it, you’ll get a neat rhythmic arpeggiator.


I was referring to my Prophecy being a nite-mare to program.


So I finally got around to bringing a table into my office as I am delving into synth hardware and needed a place to set it all up. Here is the (rather temporary) setup:

I hope to get a better organization in the future, but all my monies went into the synths so I guess I should be happy I do not have to set it up on cardboard boxes at the moment. :smile:



@Creepr that Marshall pedal, is that SV-1 (chorus)? I thought I was the only one who has one. I never see them on people’s boards. Also, no love for the Microgranny?