Pictures of your setup


This thread is always a good reminder that I need to get my lazy ass in order and set up a good battlestation of my hardware again.

I never thought cable management nightmares could be so inspiring.


That’s a lot of ivory to tickle! :musical_keyboard::musical_keyboard::musical_keyboard::musical_keyboard::musical_keyboard::musical_keyboard:



Love the wall art! :japanese_goblin:


I’m a confirmed minimalist with a minimal set up… but cable management is a big time-suck even though most of it lives behind my upright piano!

I remember pics in the old forum of underneath the racks and stands in @liquid_air s rig… man that’s a lotta cable!!!


Wouldn’t be talking about this now, would you?


That would literally make me insane, a troubleshooting disaster.

Get a soldering iron and some tech flex and build your own to custom lengths!

These are ones I made for Rufus Du Sol tour last week. The entire stage is done this way. You should see the inside of my racks. :wink:


Same for me, I custom build everything to length for a tidier experience. I need to flex sleeve some of my stuff, because that’s really next level.

Quick nerd-out, what are you using for cable and connectors?


Depends on what’s cheap, as we buy in bulk for tour, usually swithcraft or neutrik


A few new additions, but still basic as fuck

hides spaghetti wires


@liquid_air !!! You and your cables are baaaaack!

Now where are those sexy purple lights? You ROCK!


I spent friday night working on studio furniture

And saturday morning populating it

I need to be done for a while now, I have music to work on and no excuses not to get it done. I’m always thinking about the next thing sure but I almost forget I have other hobbies sometimes.


The current state of affairs, deciding whether to go with small external mixer or a modular CVable mixer…


hmm…whats this double dipping nonsense i behold.?


Had a little dabble last night, its been too hot lately to make any music, Us brits don’t have air conditioning.


Twerk in progress. im good for ITB production but have a long way to go in order to get my “Ableton can be my sequencer, or MPC if i want” workflow happening.

Not pictured, keys to my left and keys behind me. I’ll eventually employ 2 iConnect Midi4+ interfaces (i already own them) to do the midi merging and thru functions necessary to have a 2X sequencer setup that doesn’t cross talk nor create midi loop feedback. They can talk via a simple network switch so… yeah i’ll get one of those.

Soon I’ll be getting a patch bay for the insert points for my console, it’ll allow me to use any of my rack or pedal effects quickly and easily on any synth/drum HW input. Patchbay = cheap (ish), cabling = not so much.

it’ll then be complete for now. (acoustic treatment notwithstanding)


Oh, is that a new mpc 2500? Nice. With jjos I assume?


It is, a good friend of mine was hard up for cash for some major health expenses (USA! USA!)

I picked it up due to wanting the ability to do some tabletop techno sets, currently I’ve barely cracked the thing but intend to get into it once my tour schedule slows down.


Your monitors are not set-up correctly, here page 12 of the manual


thanks! i received them w no manual.