Pictures of your setup


@Roo_Stercogburn : what do you not understand? I got most my big synths on one side, smaller items, modular and things I plug in on the fly like pedals etc on the other side. I have a patchbay in the module underneath my monitor where the big synths on left tie into so I can patch them out into wherever. I do everything in a modular workflow. Nothing is hardwired except midi to a few things like the big synths.


Laptop location looks a bugger to work with, panels are art rather than doing something useful, speakers don’t look angled properly and are probably too close, modular stuff in range but keyboards out of reach unless you’re part tree (or is that foreshortening, I have wondered if I’ve got the distance wrong?). It looks really pretty, but not practical. I admit there’s probably something I’m missing.


No worries, I also didn’t mean to sound snippy when I asked “what don’t you understand?” It was an actual question not a condescending statement.

Either way, what your missing is my actual workflow. I can explain and describe. But workflows are as personal as what someone chooses to wear or eat. So to sound cliche it works for me.

I’m not a keyboardist, the synths were bought for sound not playability. I’m more of a sound designer than an instrumentalist.

Ableton live is my main clock (most of the time, but the setup allows for anything, even me banging on a metal pan can be used as clock source) and that’s distributed amongst other clockable modules or dividers to allow extreme manipulation of timing for anything and everything… I use a combo of Ableton, VCV rack, eurorack modules, and midi controllers to control everything in the room via the modular or maybe something else…

A knob on a midi controller might control several parameters of a vst, eurorack module or one of the synths on the left. Or a eurorack module might control several other modules then also be sent into the computer and control a vst or other timing modules in VCV Rack etc…

Things are triggered via whatever I want. I might use a ableton clip to play a synth and the same midi to control the synth is sent to the modular as a clock and cv source etc…

It’s difficult to paint the picture… but for me, modular environment is the theme. Whatever pops in my head I can do with minimal fuss. Control everything via modular, a vst, ableton, a tape loop off a dictaphone doesn’t matter.

I don’t do critical mixing via the monitors, I use good quality headphones, always have due to limited space or acoustic treatment. What acoustic treatment that’s in the room was out in years ago, some fell down and I just got used to it gone and never messed with it.

The laptop isn’t used hands on, I have wireless keyboard/mouse and external monitor. Otherwise, yes my back would be destroyed.

When all said and done, everything is clocked and quantized harmonically… so that a twist of a knob here and a flip of a switch there has an extreme effect over many elements in the mix


I Have a MS2000b but he’s been leaning on the wall for the last 3 years along with a Phatty stage II, i should maybe fire up the MS sometime.

You have a nice set up there.


The MS2000b is so much fun. Many say it sounds too thin or is just a VST in a oversized box.

But theres something great sounding about it that I cant figure out… It just kinda floats in a mix, its in own space.


I laugh when somebody describes a synth as too thin,

If all my synths were phat then what use would that be?

Some describe the Analog 4 as too lo-fi, i’m like thank god it is, id don’t want another phat one to add to the heap.


MS2000 kicks ass.

anyone who says otherwise probably bought a moog thinking it would make their music better.



Radically DJ’ing euro dance and harsh noise with baby cries on the top…


The wife dragged me to IKEA yesterday however i managed to squeeze a £35 shelf out of the effort, its helped clear up the clutter on my desk :grinning:


Pagan Field Trip