Pictures of your setup


Pretty sure i have that exact same Logitech game controller hah


What’s that thing in the centre of your setup? Could be a Novation Circuit


Livid Base v1


Some of you who put drinks way too close to your setup :cold_sweat:


Nah. Gotta be in easy reach. Replacing hardware is way less hassle than having to stretch to get your light refreshment.


Guilty. People hate me because I flip the fuck out if it is someone else’s drink, but mine gets a pass.


That’s why I have a K-Mix. Spill proof


IIRC you can drive over it with a car, too. I think if the surface of earth gets levelled in some apocalyptic event, the alien robot overlords can still pick up all the KMI controllers and have a nice jam…


Sooooo here we have that shot that gets taken once you’ve set everything up and turned it on but not actually plugged any cables in or used it yet. Its taken so much thinking, planning and internet shopping. Ive spent like 150 quid on stands and racks with another of the racks that the ESX-1 is on to come next week.

Im selling the DFAM tomorrow which i actually really dont want to do. Partly because it looks so good on the stand with the same sized manther but also because with the addition of a behringer neutron i think that would be the ultimate sample food station for all my samplers. Seriously though think about it with those 3!! I need the money however because ive put so much money in and built up so much debt over the last year that its unfair to my gf who wants a holiday.

2 years ago i thought i was done with music! With the chance to have my own space i couldnt resist though as it might be my only chance in this short life.

Theres still a long way to go. Theres so many variations with the stands. Different routing options. Once i start trying to learn it and make music ill probably change it all around a few times. Stay ITB lads and lasses!!!


Dude, that’s a sexy set up!! Love the legacy Tribe’ - looks like a super fun set up to jam in :slight_smile:


Music has a right to teddy bears


Nice man. So I guess you’ve come to terms with the octatrack?


Oh yeah. Since ive had it i havent made music on anything else. If i could afford it I would have 2. The only reason the ESX-1 is there is because its my poor mans substitute for a second OT.

With 2 ive got the added bonus that if one of them breaks ive still got 1 :crazy_face:


Electribe fam <3


I have that same tascam 4 track! I recorded my bands black metal demos on it back in like 2004. Epic.

I love that pillow. A man of quality taste I see :slight_smile:


Noisy things and stuff (my other post committed suicide)


Now that is a room i would visit often!
some nice vintage korgage,among others.


Nice, a lot of cool old stuff in there


My wife had the bright idea to get me a label maker to help organize the studio. There are a few strips that say “No drinks beyond this point.”


Nice cool stuff but…

…Ooookay, Imma go there. I don’t understand the room layout.