Pictures of your setup


don`t know what you talking about :sweat_smile:

when it comes to other peoples setups i am always interested in the wiring most


I’ve taken to making my own cables. Bought a couple different spools and some ends and am working through them as needed. It’s nice to have the length you need instead of the inevitable rats nest from extra wire.


I made out pretty well, I think 18 inches for each of my stereo audio pairs, but then 3 feet for my midi. Not to mention the two power bricks I’m going to be adding to my desk.

Oh balls, I think I need to order a plug strip now. Only a double outlet under there…

It was nice while it lasted, I just had my laptop charger and prohpet power down there, but now it’s gonna start to get messy.


In that case I can send you a photo of a big ole plate of spaghetti lol :joy:


I wasn’t ready to take my clothes off but here we go


Hey now. I already had to delete porn from this thread last time thom stopped by…


i build my own cables for touring rigs to keep the troubleshooting easy and rats nest to a minimum, i’ll likely start doing the same for my home studio but I have a friend who sold all of his equipment years ago and just dropped off a 4 gal tupperware container with a shit ton of mogami and monster cables… im good for awhile.


I have to say I did get a certain satisfaction out of using my own homemade PA cables at the festival last summer.


He really should update his collection, don’t you think?


“Never make your own spaghetti; trust in others to make spaghetti wire for you”

-Some proverb, probably


If only signatures still existed lol


wasnt that a line in that Eminem tune?


knees weak arms spaghetti


“mom” - white rapper guy


Today’s Field Trip
I was impressed with the quality of the recordings today, the windscreen makes a 1000% improvement.


Holy fuck. Its a Minion with buttons.

Did you call it Kevin?


Friday night home alone setup, all cats are with me.


I’ve got a dark matter and it’s not bad for retro thrash or being used as a boost itself. As soon as i get my pedal board set up I’ll throw a shot up here.


still mixing on headphones and occasionally my friend’s studio monitors (dude’s a saint)
clearly the LEDs are all that’s important, so that’s what I went for :stuck_out_tongue:

But on a serious note, having a really beefy computer feels so nice after feeling limited by what I was working with for YEARS. I have no excuses for not being productive anymore, and that feels really good. Still have to find space for the king korg, but I might move before long so idk if it’s reeally worth setting up with my limited space right now


all the sexy lights : )