Pictures of your setup


sorry for the late response:

yeah that was a custom install, and av room for a major cooperation i was doing executive analyst consulting for (cheese title they gave me)…

worked as a senior audio engineer in post-production, manufacturing, advanced manufacturing engineer, and in recording studios as a mixing engineer… sadly all of which always pulled me always pulled me away from pursuing my own interest…

calibrating systems, venues, developing quality process plans, ML model frameworks, Python, R Programming, Matlab, utilizing digital signal processing tools, coordinating various IT teams to solve problems, and designing end user products has all been ways i’ve earned a buck… or a few coins :wink:

hope the field is treating you well, and ya find your happy place within it all :metal:t5:


Still figuring out exactly how this setup is going to work, but I’ve wanted to spend time with these for a little while and finally got the RYTM back from the Elektron shop. The plan for now is to allow for some using them all together live, but also being able to quickly and easily sequence things from Logic when I need quick drums or synth sounds.