Pandemic social distancing diary thread


^It’s really good!

Hey guys, I just got food poisoning from taco bell.

It has been purged.



covenant is awful. The only positive thing about it, was that it made Prometheus actually okay.

I really didn’t need the origins of the alien to be explained at all, I preferred the mystery. Not that it was some outcome of an experiment by a snooty android with a god complex and daddy issues.


I got my own headcanon. Those movies are sequels, and David just recreated it.



David didn’t make the aliens, he just followed the recipe. The jockeys were the ones that made it, which is what I thought was supposed to happen after Prometheus. Like, isn’t that what they were doing at the end of Prometheus? I haven’t seen Covenant since it came out in theatres.


Went on a hike in between jobs with a lovely lady (pretty sure I’m in the friend zone (for now, muahaha!!!), but what a crush :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) who managed to find her way back to this half-remembered spot from three years ago:


Vlantis, you’re putting animals in a bucket of bleach, you’re bangin plastic butts, friend zoning females (for now!) out in these woods with strange sculptures and painted trees, when is the new documentary out XD


Forget the documentary, this feels like album material.


^Wellllll, my music creation capabilities are still not back to 100% yet. I’m slowly working on it.

Silicone, actually. :face_with_monocle:


goodguy vlantis be like:


“I dont like plastic. It’s coarse, and rough, and irritating. Not like silicone. Silicone is soft…and smooth.”


I just got access to my old photobucket account. I believe this was my first proper contribution to IDMf, which says a lot.



Scanned and framed:


Also finished up this collage for my son’s Christmas present:

“To Be Continued…”


You have a kid?!?!?!?! When did that happen?!!


Ha. 2009. Where have YOU been? He lives in Japan with my ex-wife who is happily remarried.


I have never heard of this. I thought you were just this free living Japanese teacher dude who plays music and decided to move back to the states to work and live in Arizona.


Ha! No, I lived in Moab, Utah for a year, not Arizona.

And yeah, I was married for ten years.

I’m pretty laid back these days. Been in my hometown for the past two years. Making mad cash working my ass off, and working on a deal to snag a sweet rental home by the end of this month.


ah, Utah… there’s another dude I only know url who does industrial/noise stuff that moved out to Arizona i think…


We’ll be on stage 3 restrictions starting Friday. Having an outdoor beer with this lass tomorrow before things get too complicated around here.

Working on moving back into town…still waiting. That’ll make my life a bit easier. Hoping I get the place on December 1st.


I beat stage 5 in Thumper (PSVR). This is a grudge match that has been going on for four frickin years across multiple platforms. Fun game…but pretty exhausting.