Pandemic social distancing diary thread


Glad you guys are alright, hope the rest of the family pulls through buddy


It continues to get more interesting. :zipper_mouth_face:


I can’t wait for you to make it back to Japan and meet that lesbian again. Probably an oversimplification of that story, and interesting that it got put on the backburner for so much of the 2020 season. Really hope it makes a comeback in 2021.


Ha! She’s pan, dammit!

Things are more interesting in town right now. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh shit sorry to hear this. Fuck that is so not good. Well I hope everyone in your family pulls through. At least they have some sort of medicine to treat it so…I wish you and your family well and I hope for the best for them…even though I’m just some random guy on the internet whose posts you’ve been reading for like a decade now. So yeah.

Good luck.


During this time of dire pandemic crisis, I have been spending my free time with this lovely lady.

Working, making money, not much time in between. Next date is on Wednesday.


I haven’t had to do that kind of OT in a while, last time I did I upgraded my PC though, so I feel you on the splurge. But why not the Nord Wave? The sampling stuff in a keyboard looks more fun than VA to me.


Double edged sword of being salary - I make more than I would if I wasn’t, but every time I have a 60 hour week or have to travel or any of the other shit they can ask me to do, there’s no ‘extra’ compensation so I feel like I’m working for free. OT at least makes you feel like you’re getting something immediate out of it instead of just getting used up. It’s a slippery slope of “he did it last time, he can do it again along with this other stuff”.


I’m on salary but I’m lucky to be the non-exempt salary, meaning I can still collect overtime. However, the catch is my department has a policy to pay out overtime not in cash, but in comp time, so overtime worked is paid out in time and half for time off. Although, if it accumulates to a certain level, or if I cease employment, they are required to pay it out in cash, so if I have a running tally of comp hours, I’ll get that if I ever change employment!


That sounds like a sweet deal. My wife had a similar setup while she was working at a university. Really the best of both worlds.

To be fair, I’ve got nothing to bitch about - career doing something I enjoy, generous salary and benefits, and I work with people I mostly like. Hell, these days I’m just happy to have a job. I spent most of college working in restaurants and could still be there (and probably not have a job given the current state of things). But when I get an email telling me I’m on a plane in the morning with zero heads up, it does tweak my gears a bit.


Dude, no joke all my unpaid vacation hours are my unemployment insurance. I haven’t taken any days off this year and I only get 80 hours per year, but I have like 110 accumulated right now. IDK what the payout on that looks like, but I’d get at minimum a full extra paycheck.


I started my new job this year and I’ve barely taken any vacation, sick, or comp time. Especially with how slow things are, I don’t see much point in using it hehe. And totally, if I were to lose my job for any reason, that’s basically a bonus to help transition over to a new job. That with what I put into retirement and all, I’ll have a stop gap while I looked for work or something! I don’t to use any of it haha.


Lol, I was an hour late to my first job today.


give me the vax juice already I’m so over this shit


My son got my Christmas present. :grin:


I have a very close friend in town (my closest friend, too be honest), and we ended up getting into it last week, but we’re like R2-D2 and C-3P0 in that we’re always kind of bickering with each other.

I offered her some Chinese takeout on the house today to make good, but she’s apparently been in quarantine, and will be in it for another week. I highly doubt she’s getting paid. Made some masturbation jokes. All is well.


Did you avoid being captured by android traders?


Are you still selling them my info?

EDIT Waot I remembered wrong. I believe you were collecting my info for your own android.


No, the traders Luke’s dad buys the robots from, did you get picked up by them?


No, but we were told we weren’t allowed in the bar…

Oh wait, that’s pretty much everybody at the moment.