Pandemic social distancing diary thread


Weirdly enough before I even saw this thread I was thinking about watching Alien 3 again since I haven’t seen Alien 3 in like…20 years.


I need the new Alien movies (Covenant ones) so I can have a complete Aliens binge (although I’m leaving out AvP movies cuz those were trash).


They are A+ fan service and derived entirely from the comics. They are fantastic and if you expect an engaging, dramatic and interesting horror/scifi plot like the other Alien films… it’s… just not the same objective.

They’re silly action popcorn monster movies. For that, they’re perfect. AVPR with Wolf was the most badass predator in the cinematic universe. Plus, it also had the Predalien, and tons more stuff from the comic/game universe.


AVP:R is gold.


speaking of, I randomly ran into this comedy gold yesterday that is relevant XD


@nose @Vlantis the first AvP was alright, but the second one was just too much. They let this young kid get killed by a face hugger, and i didn’t feel it was tasteful.


I mean the dad tried to save him, its not like they just LET the kid get killed by a facehugger… :stuck_out_tongue:


but the directors did! It just didn’t feel right with the Aliens style movies. Those movies are kinda scary, and people get killed and aliens and all but I didn’t feel it had o be a kid who got killed, it felt more like shock horror rather than, spooky, stranded-in-space-with-a-xenomorph horror. Those types of movies just aren’t my taste. Feels like they’re just purposely filming something taboo just to be like, “ohhh this is taboo and we’re doing it”, it just feels like a gimmick, except it’s actually uncomfortable to watch, and the only statement it seems they’re making is that they’re trying to be edgy, and that’s the whole gimmick.


AVPR is lovable schlock trash, in my book. :heart:

The only one I I don’t like is Resurrection, buuuut it DOES have Brad Douriff in it…


Is that the scientist guy who marvels at the human/alien hybrid before it takes a bite into his skull?


Resurrections is absolutely fantastic as well, it gets better with time. Plus yeah @Vlantis, Douriff rules. He helps carry a lot of weight in that picture.

Is it A list? Certainly not. It’s still immensely more enjoyable than Alien Covenant, ugh



@nose, you’re bonkers, Covenant rules.


I’m an admin and I don’t like being dragged into this conversation not I like to agree with Vlantis but Covenant is great and careful what you guys post next or I might start swinging the banhammer.

Semi-unrelated track:


All subjective and nothing wrong with liking what you like. But for me…

Prometheus isn’t quite so terrible on a second watch but it isn’t good. Lovely spaceship design.
Covenant is shite. Fucking dreadful/miserable wate of time. Its so bad I can’t even be bothered spelling waste properly.

Between both of them they soil/spoil the mystery of the Alien and thus a lot of the dread of the unknown. Possibly could have been ok if they made the source of the mystery great but they didn’t. It was origin-turd of the highest order. As presented, going for the origin just undermines the Alien and adds nothing to the whole universe. Instead it humdrums the shit out of it.

AvP 1: Cheapo everyone-is-dead meh. Shoulda just stuck to Colony. Couple of cool fights but that doesn’t justify a whole film. The score has one good riff they use to death. Its a good riff though even if not exactly building atmosphere :smiley:
AvP 2: Cheapo everyone-is-dead meh but the start on the Pred spaceship is good. They kill the kid fast rather than giving the Cutesy Kid plot immunity. So that’s alright.

In both of the above they are killing everyone off so fast there’s no time to get invested in any of the characters so both films descend into an excercise in guessing who pops next. Dull dull dull.

Alien: Great
Aliens: Great
Alien 3: Ok. Not scary. British luvvies as prisoners were hilarious. All the engaging characters were killed off very early so you know, whoops. After that, yawn til the end.
Alien 4: lol (not for all the right reasons) but fun. Hybrid is the worst creature design in the whole franchise. Weaver apparently nailed that basket shot to everyone’s great surprise.

Predators: More fun than it should be. Something about it just works but its not great.
The Predator: Could have been a hoot. Wasn’t. Still some good stuff in it but very much a missed opportunity. The end bit with the armour is cringeworthy.

Some of the Aliens and AvP books were great, as were the comics. Didn’t read all but quite a few.

Alan Dean Foster’s novelization of Alien was interesting since it was based on the original script and had a few bits not in the film.


No AvP will ever be as good as the good old Capcom brawler.


I’ve been really wanting to rewatch Predator 2 actually, because when I was a kid, the first one was always my fav, but I did see the second. Now that I’m an adult tho, I’ve read more on Predator 2 and how it was a bit unique, and I mean, it’s Predator in an urban environment with Danny Glover!! I need to track down a copy of that one to rewatch, cuz it’s been a WHILE.

I’m actually not sure I ever watched The Predator, I know I saw a new predator was coming out, somehow I guess I missed it. It probably wasn’t playing in my area anyway tho, which may have been why (I live in a small college town surrounded by 60+ miles of nothing).


The whole of the second half of Pred 2 is a chase :smiley:

I like both films and loved seeing Danny Glover as the main, even if he wasn’t quite convincing as a badass cop. Maybe that’s due to Lethal Weapon rather than his acting abilities, never quite decided.

It was a nice nod to Pred 2 having Jake Busey show up in The Predator but I wish he’d been in it more than just a throwaway.


Fuck you all. Covenant is SO good.


I remember seeing it at the cinema and about half way through just wanting it to be over I was so bored.


^It’s really good!

Hey guys, I just got food poisoning from taco bell.

It has been purged.