Pandemic social distancing diary thread


goodguy vlantis be like:


“I dont like plastic. It’s coarse, and rough, and irritating. Not like silicone. Silicone is soft…and smooth.”


I just got access to my old photobucket account. I believe this was my first proper contribution to IDMf, which says a lot.



Scanned and framed:


Also finished up this collage for my son’s Christmas present:

“To Be Continued…”


You have a kid?!?!?!?! When did that happen?!!


Ha. 2009. Where have YOU been? He lives in Japan with my ex-wife who is happily remarried.


I have never heard of this. I thought you were just this free living Japanese teacher dude who plays music and decided to move back to the states to work and live in Arizona.


Ha! No, I lived in Moab, Utah for a year, not Arizona.

And yeah, I was married for ten years.

I’m pretty laid back these days. Been in my hometown for the past two years. Making mad cash working my ass off, and working on a deal to snag a sweet rental home by the end of this month.


ah, Utah… there’s another dude I only know url who does industrial/noise stuff that moved out to Arizona i think…


We’ll be on stage 3 restrictions starting Friday. Having an outdoor beer with this lass tomorrow before things get too complicated around here.

Working on moving back into town…still waiting. That’ll make my life a bit easier. Hoping I get the place on December 1st.


I beat stage 5 in Thumper (PSVR). This is a grudge match that has been going on for four frickin years across multiple platforms. Fun game…but pretty exhausting.


Got the rental house I wanted. Movin back into town this weekend. :sunglasses:


^people get fevers. It’s okay. You get a flu shot? Dont let total paranoia hit you.

I just finished organizing my new place.

Let’s see how little sleep I get before a longass week…


Edit: will properly delete this post when the forum lets me.


Ah man, that’s a drag. Hope you both get to feeling better soon.


I wouldn’t stress too much. I know quite a few people who caught it and were fine outside of being bored. Take care!


Wish you good health. Hopefully it passes with limited symptoms. To two quiet weeks quarantine and recovery!


Edit: will properly delete this post when the forum lets me.


I mean, technically I think this is what the thread was for and Vlantis hijacked it with his (admittedly very interesting) stories of that sweet sweet COVID lyfe.