Pandemic social distancing diary thread


I say we just open the doors and love the covid.


In an attempt to generate an immunity, I’ve been freebasing raw COVID for the last couple months. High as fuck, man.


Oh well, here we’re in lockdown until December…


How I spent my dorky Halloween with two dorky friends (I ended up playing Doom Eternal on the big TV, just so we could have three different games going at the same time.):

The band I was supposed to be doing guest vocals for on April 25th before Lockdown Phase One apparently played at one of the local bars. Fuuuuck that shit. I drove home listening to this track…

…while thinking about what a wonderful day I had.


How is Doom Eternal? I wanted to buy that, but @GomesR talked me into buying this other game so I would play with him but then he never played with me :frowning:, and I didn’t want to be spending all my money on games, so I passed on Doom.


It was fun. Very hectic, and you die a lot. Basically just arena battles, judging from my short time playing it. Not something I’d buy personally.

I skipped the story, because it’s Doom. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh, you just play multiplayer?


Ha. I haven’t multiplayered since Halo 3.

Guy on the left: online Warhammer Strategy game. Guy on the right: some Star Wars MMO.

Goodnight, folks! Got shit to do tomorrow.


So, what mode did you play, if you didn’t play the story mode?


I played the story mode and skipped through the story.

I hope this helps out the AI program you’re working on…:neutral_face:


I’m just trying to find out what exactly you played so I can deduce whether the game is fun or not for people that enjoy playing games, unlike you apparently, who plays games so they can not enjoy them.


You’re reading too much into this. It’s Doom. There’s some teenaagey shit about saving this or that yadda yadda yadda but gameplay is solid and as Vlantis said it’s all about cleaning arenas then move on. The balance between finishers add a real nice pace.
I don’t do many fps anymore but Doom Eternal was fun.



Doom Eternal is fun, I had to take a lot of breaks because it’s pretty fast and stressful at times, lol.


Yep. I’m the weirdo who likes Naissancee and thought Doom Eternal was just okay. Everybody pick on the kid who likes Naissancee and thinks Doom Eternal is just okay. :roll_eyes:

It ain’t no Vanquish, that’s for sure.

Hey, I’m about to get ready of a bunch of old shit of mine that nobody wants!!! And I got my old Soulwind comics back.


I love that game so much. Such an underrated stylish cover shooter. Games like Warframe probably wouldn’t be around without the influence of titles like that.

Mikami is a god


It’s not like anyone’s making you play it. You could just say, “i didn’t enjoy it”.



:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:


Traditionally I never got into the Doom games, but later on I started playing games on my computer and got Doom 3 and it really freaked me out, so I kinda got drawn into the newer Doom games haha (plus I don’t really know what games are good anymore so I’m always at a loss as to what to play, so I stick to Doom cuz I know I’ve enjoyed the newer ones). JUST SO SCARY!!! I’d be playing it at night, alone, in front of my computer in my room and I’d walking through some dark area in the game with broken equipment and dripping water then SUDDENLY THIS ZOMBIE POPS OUT OF NOWHERE!!! Freaky!


Lol, I was just fooling.

(But people, check out Naissancee,)


Threw out a bunch of old art crap today, but I’m keeping the oil painting self-portraits.

(I went to bed at 6:00 PM and am now kinda fucked…)