Pandemic social distancing diary thread


It was the Wild Boar Alien! I used to have the Queen Alien with the wings that flapped from some button in the back. I remember I paid $20 for it as a kid when I got it from the local drug store, which was quite a bit of cash for a kid! (I only got a $5 weekly allowance).


^ Nice! I never got that one. I still think it’s funny that horrible rape monsters were sold to children, but I DO love Alien stuff.


Biden won. Yay…

See you in the next four years when everybody in America gets crazy again.


They weren’t horrible, and they never raped anyone. To be fair, the toys were based on the Aliens comic series, not the movie. Most of the toy figures, both alien and non-alien, didn’t even appear in the movie. For example, I had one of the human action figures, and it was this guy with short, red hair, and a white stripe in it. He wasn’t even a character in the movies, but he was an action figure. Also, most of the aliens didn’t appear in the movie either (Crab alien, Wild Boar…). I guess they appeared in the comics tho.

I think it’s interesting an R movie led to kids action figures, but I didn’t really think they were horrible or anything. I loved them! Also, there was Robocop action figures too, and THAT movie was way worse than Aliens.


Ha! Yeah, I know of the RoboboCop figs.

The Aliens toys weren’t based on any comics, but Dark Horse had some mini comics in each fig. The comics have always been pretty conservative with the look of the Alien except for weird Chris Claremont stuff in Deadliest of the Species and a few chapters of Colonial Marines (heyaaaaa, I’m a dork).

The dude with red hair and the exoskeleton suit???

And yes, there are themes that crop up in the Alien films. Good ol’ Giger. I like that stuff. Those movies scared the crap out me when I was a kid.

David can’t have sex, so he creates a phallic monster to take out his rage upon others.

Ash can’t have sex, so he uses a porno mag to choke Ripley to death.

Anyway, yeah. I do like Alien stuff. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Too bad disney bought out Fox, and has stated they will not release physical media in order to push Disney +, but that’s another thing. :triumph:


There were no Wild Boar or Crab or Preying Mantis aliens in the movies tho, so how can the mini-comics be “conservative” with the look of the Alien, when none of those aliens were in the movies? The comics nor the action figures were anything like the movies.

case in point, this character didn’t exist in the movies.

Who asked about themes?

In any case, the aliens never raped anyone. Maybe you’re thinking about Splice.


Ha! Splice.

Didn’t mean to start a debate, but I do enjoy the weird sex stuff in the Alien movies.

NECA makes some cool recreation figures of the old Kenner stuff. Check them out if you haven’t seen them.



All Alien sexual deviancy should be diverted to @nose.


What weird sex stuff?!?! The most sexual it gets is in the first movie when Ripley’s in the escape pod in her underwear and has to kick the alien out the airlock.



(By the way, it’s so quite out here that I can hear my own tinnitus).

The door openings on the derelict are vaginas, the alien head is a penis, the facehugger mouth is a vagina and forcibly inserts a tube down your throat in order to impregnate you (Giger stuff), the trilobite is a giant vagina that inserts a tube into that Engineer guy in Prometheus. Ripley has sex with an alien in Alien Resurrection. David makes out with his own clone in Covenant. (“Watch me. I’ll do the fingering”). It’s all sex!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not much sex in Alien 3 besides Ripley and that one dude from game of thrones. In that movie, it’s a pure killing machine. It is also possibly my fav…


oh my goodness


Alien 3 is the low key King of the cinematic universe. The directors cut is the way to go on that one!!


Alien 3 was a good one. It’s tragic opening with Newt, Hicks, and Hudson all dead, even Bishop getting trashed, after everything that happened in Aliens. And the doctor guy was cool. This is making me want to have an Aliens movie marathon.


few hundred people hospitalized in my state. Getting pretty bummed out about all the covid numbers.

takes weed nap


I need the new Alien movies (Covenant ones) so I can have a complete Aliens binge (although I’m leaving out AvP movies cuz those were trash).


They are A+ fan service and derived entirely from the comics. They are fantastic and if you expect an engaging, dramatic and interesting horror/scifi plot like the other Alien films… it’s… just not the same objective.

They’re silly action popcorn monster movies. For that, they’re perfect. AVPR with Wolf was the most badass predator in the cinematic universe. Plus, it also had the Predalien, and tons more stuff from the comic/game universe.


AVP:R is gold.


speaking of, I randomly ran into this comedy gold yesterday that is relevant XD


@nose @Vlantis the first AvP was alright, but the second one was just too much. They let this young kid get killed by a face hugger, and i didn’t feel it was tasteful.


I mean the dad tried to save him, its not like they just LET the kid get killed by a facehugger… :stuck_out_tongue: