Pandemic social distancing diary thread


Hitchens died in 2011, but I suppose he’s worthy of a latent RIP


I present to you a skeleton:


Nice. That actually looks pretty nice. What are you gonna do with it now?


I’m letting it dry, then seeing what’s attached. I’m still thinking about a resin casting…


This thing is too fucking gross to deal with (The smell!) I threw it in a cornfield to be found next year.



Two for the price of one. No smell needed:


Were these “found” skeletons, or did you track down two more to try to re-do the process with less odor using Febreze?


They were found. Not messing with them until I have time.


Thats Gold right there!


Pandemic coping mechanisms:

Musicians: “Dude check out my new isolation-themed ep!”

Artists: “I think the color palette I used in this painting expresses the frustration and sadness of this whole situation”

Writers: “With broadway being closed for the time being, I’ve got time to work out the kinks of my latest play”

Vlantis: “Dude! check out this rotting skeleton! Think I’m gonna go all Ed Gein and make a chair out of it or something”



My town goes into restrictions in 3…2…

We’re taking bets around here.


Alrighty, here’s my diary entry!

I moved back into my parent’s place to save some money, which I mentioned a while back.

Long story short, I’m not allowed to do anything this weekend because of Covid (I wanted to hang out with this lady that I fancy), but they’re out doing stuff all weekend. In case you haven’t heard, living with your parents as an adult sucks.

Meanwhile, I turned my phone into an internet machine for 30 extra bucks a month (cheaper than my old internet and one less bill), and am in the middle of scoring a dope as hell fully furnished rental house back in town one house over from my old shitty place (I work two jobs, I can afford it). The landlord will get rid of the TV stuff for my own setup.

I will spend tomorrow hanging out with a few chaps and playing video games after work and errands, and on Sunday I’m going to get rid of a BUNCH more shit (basically all my old shit in this house), and transfer the stuff I’m keeping into big Tupperware containers.

I will be a good little soldier boy for now. Looking to move in the weekend after this. Still negotiating pricing. I want it for 500 a month with no water and lawn service. Right now we’re at 600, but I’m pretty sure he’ll drop the price on Monday…


Seems like things are just heating up.


Dude…animal planet

And tv shows like serengeti

Make me calm.


I’ve taken a dab

I most not move lest I die

I can’t feel my face


Sooooo, we probably got one more week before restrictions hit again. Glad my jobs aren’t affected.

That’s the word on the street, at least.

Also I told my parents I’m moving out. Ahhhhhh, to have karaoke parties again…


So I had to check my paypal this morning to make sure some transactions went through. And at the top of the page there was a paypal crypto thing, so I clicked it to see what that was about (I follow cryptocurrencies loosely out of idle curiousity). And now I’m on the waitlist for it apparently?? Hope I don’t wake up with like .0002 bitcoins in a couple of weeks or something.


I’ll take your Bitcoin, just send them to me.


A list of restrictions has been placed in order to avoid more strict restrictions. Nobody will follow them, and we will be in harsher restrictions soon.