Pandemic social distancing diary thread


How many of hours of sleep do you get in a night, on average?


Why so inquisitive? :stuck_out_tongue:


I also work 8 hours on Saturday.


What is your heart rate atm? Do you have any allergies to shellfish? When was the last time you rode a rollercoaster? Are you now, or have you ever been a party to a bank heist?

I need to document this information because we are planning on building an AI model to replace you in the event you are rendered immobile, unconscious, or unable to communicate.


Dear Diary,

This morning I thought I might Vlantis, but I didn’t.


^Damn, that sucks.


Hung out with my dad.

Cut off a person I don’t like talking to.

Listened to some live music outside.

Felt uncomfortable at a restaurant, so my father and I left.

Got an oil change

I plan on hanging out with this gal a bit more on Wednesday.


I was fine with all the other lines but I’m going to have to require some extrapolation here lol


Too many people in close contact. You ain’t quarantining MY ass. I want money.

Also, I secured an art showing in February.


I’m currently bleaching the bones off of a.full opossum carcass.

I went through round one, which was letting the fur and guts simmer to the top. Now is round two: bleaching the muscles away.

A pretty interesting experience. I don’t believe it was dead that long before I found it. I took the necessary precautions, which is basically not getting bleach on your clothes.

It smelled bad and wasn’t much fun, and it’s crazy to think that some people make a living from funerals. Not my thing.

Edit: Actually, I think the muscles might stay for a bit. Either way, this thing is sitting in bleach for three days before I lay my hands on it.


Jesus, you’re fucking it all up. You’re supposed to roast possums, usually with apples or other fruit. Using all that bleach is just going to ruin the flavor.


Why are you boiling opossum carcasses? Was this some roadkill or something you just found?


I found it while taking new photos of my favorite abandoned house.

I dunno, who has a complete skeleton of something? I have a friend I can give the bones to who will fucking LOVE it.

I also had lunch today with my old roommate, haven’t done that since December.

A friend of mine is on two weeks unpaid because his boss tested positive. He can’t even test negative and go back to work.

They’re talking 54 days unpaid leave now at my first job. Fuck that shit.

(I’m awake early because I went to bed early)


I actually had quite a few disarticulated skeletons, an opossum included. They have really cool skulls, and I was planning to composite some of the different animal bones into an art display.

That is until it and and several other of my small critter skellies were lost in an unfortunate “indigestion” incident involving a Great Dane. Fuuuu

Sounds like a messy nasty process to actually do it from a fresh kill Vlantis, good luck lol


You hunt?

Me personally never tried it…I’d probably wind up having an accident and shoot myself…

With my luck…

Idk about guns man…


Or am I totally just not getting it…

Archaeology I get…idk

Why the collection…?
Just curious…if you dont mind me asking?

Fascination with intricacies of anatomy…or something else.

You dont have to answer.


Lol, I don’t hunt. I save bugs from my house. Tried to save a rabbit last spring who had a vicious head wound, but it died

Yeah it’s weird. The muscles make it look like it’s alive.


I was talking to nose. My bad, I apologize.


Wait, Vlantis, so was this ACTUALLY roadkill?


I’ve never gone hunting, nor have I ever had the inclination to do so. I’m not much into guns either, although a few of my friends have gotten into them, one of them actually is the manager of a gun shop, and owns quite an arsenal lol. I’ve gone out shooting with them a few times, which can be kinda fun.

I’ve kinda thought about buying a handgun of some sort, for home defense and maybe just target shooting, but it just seems really expensive, and I’m not terribly into guns so I don’t know how often I’d really go through and take care of the gun, cleaning it and everything.

In Wyoming, gun laws are relatively lax compared to other states, I don’t think we even technically need a permit to carry a gun, even concealed weapons permits I think are pretty easy to get, which is kinda cool.

EDIT: TLDR; It’d be neat to have a gun but the cost doesn’t justify the need.


No, I think a coyote had gotten it. I managed to get the fur off in it’s first round of dunking. I’m grabbing more bleach today on break tonight and let it sit there until Wed when I can check it out in daylight.

Here’s a pic of it when I found it:


Ewwww you picked that up?!? Were you wearing gloves at least???