Pandemic social distancing diary thread


Huh. I just got jury duty. Is there like a “screw this COVID” checkbox these days or am I going to have to weasel out some other way?


Ha, you got fucking jury duty?? Have fun with that.

I’m going to sleep. Tomorrow I’m gonna further voice my concerns about some factory shit (we lost another worker, let’s see if the new trainee shows up tomorrow).


Bro…just be super neutral…and you get out of it…that what I did…some lawyers want you to be biased because they know that they can convince/manipulate you to be on their clients side.


I’m gonna see if I can get a cheesecloth big enough to tape around the bucket, strain everything then repour bleach back in. I’ll take photos! :rofl:


Ah, I didn’t see this. sorry @bfk

as I said earlier I was collecting these as an art project.

I had a wild idea one year that I wanted to do a small art series in conjunction with some elementary 3D printing. So I got a SLA (stereolithography) printer, (Formlabs Form 2) - and wanted to do some cool armor pieces, that would mount with surgical steel pins, to different arrays of skeletal structures in mammals. Vertebrae, rib structures.

Kind of like a weird IDM/future type looking mechanical engineering piece with contrast to the natural bone structure of the evolved world.

I smoke a lot of weed


My friend told me to switch to peroxide, so I’ll be picking that up along with some strainer thing.


Peroxide is a more organic disinfectant less harmful way to kill germs for humans.


Wow you still smoke I stopped because It fucked my brain chemistry up…I didnt know wtf I was smoking neither did my friend…

Some fuck named eli screwed us both up.
I never knew the guy personally but he was my proxy dealer when I was 14.

But this wasnt legal weed it was the illegal kind…the stuff that you didnt know where it came from.

This was in the 90’s.

Not for nothing the drug war has been endless…so everyone needs to stop using and just be ok with the depressing void that is existence…

Me personally I’ve seen people die…classmates and relatives. Multiple times…i just got used to seeing death.


Had some strange cold-like thing for like a month now, but Covid test was negative… Really sucked though, especially with having to do home officing and zooming and stuff like that with lots of coughs, a breaking voice and a headache… Nobody seems to care much if you are sick in home office since you can’t infect anybody lol… Slowly getting my strength back but still have problems with my voice. Hope everybody here is having a better time!
On a positive note, I took some time to finally learn some Unreal Engine for audio visualization and other stuff. I can already open and completely f*** up blueprints, yay!


Maybe it’s just seasonal allergies…I get them too.

Sinuses lol.

Lately I’ve been inhaling garbage and other shit maybe I need my sinuses drained.


Thanks, that might be the case, but never noticed it like that… and to be completely honest I went swimming when it was already cold mid-September directly before it started, so it might have been my fault lawl…


Well feel better metaside shit happens your only human.


My strainer idea didn’t work, so I gotta pick up another later tonight. I no longer fear that carcass.

Came to work to find out my coworker died yesterday. Not a fun thing to start the day with. I had given him some CD’s of my music that he really liked. Really nice guy.

On a happier note, I hung out with that gal a bit again today, and we are hanging out this weekend. Total dork, not at all grossed put by my opossum project, same musical taste, totally adorable. :sunglasses:


Rip Christopher hitchens…

Idk Noam chomsky anyone?


Hitchens died in 2011, but I suppose he’s worthy of a latent RIP


I present to you a skeleton:


Nice. That actually looks pretty nice. What are you gonna do with it now?


I’m letting it dry, then seeing what’s attached. I’m still thinking about a resin casting…


This thing is too fucking gross to deal with (The smell!) I threw it in a cornfield to be found next year.