Pandemic social distancing diary thread


It’s actually pretty cool. It’s a way of compiling or installing programs in Linux, using what are called makefiles.


I did have fun man. I’m happy to see you’re getting serious with the collages, it looks awesome. I think I might go back to the US, but that’ll have to wait a year or two. Is your sleeve tatoo finished ?


Shit, I forgot I showed you some of my stuff. That was probably when I was still hiding them in the back room. Thanks for the kind words!

Was my tattoo started when you were over? Yep, I finished it a month ago. Took over a year. Covid didn’t help much, neither did some backstage personal drama with the artist (I’m sure some here remember that post, lol).

I’ll tell Kerry and Hannah you said hi, even though you technically didn’t. :stuck_out_tongue: I still have those videos on my phone.

Oh yeah, and I don’t think you’ve heard this (shameless public plug time!). Remember that omnichord? This thing was born from it. That’s Kerry on the main vocals.


I changed the title cause of car talk about handling a manual stick shifts and using the clutch to change gears. A certain type of joke is too easy to make.

It was originally covid tales of isolation, then came vlantis dear diary…

No one gives a fuck about what I’ve been doing but quick update anyway…been riding my bicycle I’ve rode 10 miles on more than one occasion but I have stop and take a short break because I grip the handles so hard that it starts to affect the circulation in my hands, and the bike seat gets so uncomfortable, it starts to feel like I’ve been riding Mac’s dildo bike from it’s always sunny in philadelphia.



I love It’s Always Sunny. We need an It’s always Sunny thread.


lol Mac’s dildo bike

The Ass Pounder! Never stop pumping!


Need some fight milk to get through that whole bike ride



I finally have a scan of my biggest collage. “Valkyrie” 25 x 25

This was taken from about 15 different scans. The piece had to be repaired a few times, and I missed half an inch in the middle my first time, which meant I had to start over.

Fun note: a good portion of this collage was taken from Vogue magazines, and the whole thing smelled like perfume for months. This was made during the winter of '18.


While all you nerds were crying tears of loneliness this weeken, I enjoyed a lovely evening with a lovely lady. Beer, music, videogames, perfume, etc. Snagged my karaoke amp back from my friend, AND I got free pizza today that wasn’t even for my department.

AND she sang to me acapella in my car, and I was told she never sings for anybody.

Ahhh, the small joys of life.


please tell me the cheerleader outfit came out next :stuck_out_tongue:


Last weekend I went to a party, got super wasted and posed for a picture with one of my friends who had had far too much to drink way too early into the party:

This picture pretty much sums up the “pot vs alcohol” debate :stuck_out_tongue:


Are those buckets of chicken?


Today I spent my precious Wednesday free time between jobs having a beer with that lady I mentioned, and we talked about video games for an hour.


About what time did you go into work?


Wut about dis…


Food help alcohol digestion…


I work from 7 in the morning until 10 at night, but on Wednesday I have a three hour window.

Soooo, if your asking of I showed up shitfaced, the answer is, my beer was finished at approximately 4:15, and i was at work at 6:15, so no.

Edit: and I found out my friend has my Soulwind comic collection that I’ve been looking for for about three years. I gave it to him before I moved to Moab. Fuck yes, it shall be mine again.


Oh yay I could drink one of these and recoil in fear


pfff amateur