Pandemic social distancing diary thread


Nice title change. Ben Steed already told me I was his secret diary though! :rofl:

Does somebody else want to pour through this shit? No? Fuck off, then. There’s some good stuff in here! I’ll make a million dollars.

Look at this treasure I just found:


Soooooo like,

Dear Diary entry #2001

I just totally, like, hung out with some friendz and had some fun.

It was literally awesome. Literally.

Off to watch BladeRunner 2049.


I can change shit to .wav with a few mighty STROKES from the keyboard. This shall be the Greatest Musical Release Ever!


Heyyy I liked the old title better


I thought this thread was about driving my bad.


Will someone pay my parking ticket


Vlantis you gotta take 8th, if you take Central Ave. you’ll never make it in time


Whatever, losers, I just chatted it up in Japanese with a cool lass at work. surfing cool dude emoji


Who the fuck is Vlantis?


Shoulda changed his name. Then this would really work.


Just ordered some Sennheiser RS 175 headphones for my TV in the basement, considering I live with my parents for the time being and sound bleeds through the floors, I can’t really do anything down there. Plus all my dad does is watch the fucking news, and I can’t stand that shit. I’m considering it a small quality of life improvement, and they’ll probably come in handy if I move into an apartment after my move next year.

Found out an old highschool friend confessed to my sister last week that she’s always wanted me, lol! She’s awesome. Met up with her when I was living in Moab. She’s moving to Denver…maybe I should hit her up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Got to stage five in Thumper on PSVR…holy crap that game is getting REAL intense. Love it.


Finally finished this collage and properly rescanned it.

“National Geographic”


Those wireless headphones I got for my TV are REAL nice.


Catch more in the Days and Life of Vlantis™, only here, on IDMf.


I’m confused about the socio-political message in the title. It doesn’t even seem to be adressed at any point during any of the episodes


That’s part of the message man.





I actually read the first paragraph

what was the original topic? things that piss you off?


^Lug!! Hi Lug! Come over for some more karaoke. Let’s party it up again.